Anupama 28th September 2023 Written Update Double Surprise

Anupama 28th September 2023 Written Update Double Surprise

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Anupama 28th September 2023 Written Update Double Surprise. Anuj mentions that they will patiently await the arrival of both Dimpy and Kavya’s babies. Little Anu is overjoyed, while Leela advises Dimpy not to share the good news with hesitation. Anupama performs an aarti to ward off any negative energy and the women start dancing in celebration. Pakhi informs Adhik that everyone is elated. Anupama encourages Dimpy as she embarks on her new journey, acknowledging that there will be obstacles but assuring her that it will be a beautiful one. She then asks Samar to prepare for his responsibilities, to which he responds by expressing the need for their united support. Kavya adds that being part of a joint family has its benefits. Samar expresses gratitude towards Dimpy and inquires about the reason for her delayed disclosure.

Dimpy explains that she received the test report and couldn’t keep the truth hidden for long. Samar agrees with her decision and expresses his joy over the good news. Dimpy admits feeling anxious, to which Samar reassures her that happy parents lead to a happy life for their child. He adds that he hopes their daughter will be just like her. Dimpy expresses her wish for a healthy baby, to which Samar echoes the same sentiment. He admits feeling ready to embrace fatherhood and looks forward to building a future with their child, similar to Paritosh and Vanraj’s family. Suddenly, their photo frame topples over.

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As Anupama gazes at Samar’s photo, tears of joy run down her cheeks. Anuj captures the moment on video and encourages her to fully express her emotions. Anuj assures her that he knows she is elated at the thought of becoming a grandmother to her beloved son’s child. Lost in memories, Anupama recalls how Samar used to play around her when he was young. She hopes that the arrival of Kavya and Dimpy’s baby will bring blessings into their home and fill Hasmukh’s house with happiness. Her heart also tells her that Pakhi will soon have good news for them as well. Surprised by Anuj’s words, Anupama is taken aback when he suggests that perhaps she too has some happy news to share. A smile spreads across Anuj’s face as he waits for her response.

Just then, Leela calls Anupama and informs her that Malti has gone somewhere. Anupama and Anuj arrive at Shah’s house, where Leela hands over a letter to Anupama. It contains Malti’s heartfelt gratitude for reuniting her with her son. She expresses that her son’s happiness lies in her leaving and she will not take any drastic steps as it would only be a punishment for herself. Malti also thanks everyone for taking good care of her but states that she must leave and have faith in Kanha ji to shelter her. She asks Anupama to look after herself and give love to Anuj, along with requesting his forgiveness for being an unfortunate mother.

As the letter comes to an end, Anupama shares her belief that no mother should ever be separated from her child and vice versa, causing immense pain to both parties. Leela recalls their decision to let Malti stay upon Anupama’s request but is unaware of where she went. Anupama takes the blame on herself, regretting not being able to take better care of Malti during her visit. Kinjal reminds them that Malti was unwell but now appears to be doing fine. Samar points out that there is also some good news amidst all this chaos. Hasmukh expresses his sadness over Malti’s departure but reminds everyone that there is also happiness to be shared. The following day, Leela suggests ending the partition and removing the divider.

Dimpy and Samar agree, while Anupama wards off any negative vibes. Hasmukh praises Leela for her unique perspective. Leela realizes her mistake and promises to remove the line. Kavya eagerly awaits their welcome too. Vanraj believes that as long as everyone is together, the family cannot be torn apart. Samar requests Anupama to make his favorite halwa and expresses his joy. Anupama promises to cook all their beloved dishes and reminds him that she will always be by his side with her love. Pakhi observes the abundance of love in the house and Anupama happily embraces her children.






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