Kumkum Bhagya Generation leap Pranbir to exit

Kumkum Bhagya New Leap Begins 7th November 2023

Kumkum Bhagya Generation leap Pranbir to exit. Prachi inquires of Rana the identity of the kidnapper. He points towards Ranbir and then Akshay. Mihika gazes at the peacefully slumbering Khushi and declares that she will not only bring them together but also tear them apart. With determination, she grips the knife in her hand. Despite Akshay’s determination to have Prachi all to himself, she has come to see his true troublemaking nature. The latest development in KumKum Bhagya is a planned generational leap, with Khushi, the daughter of Prachi and Ranbir, becoming the new lead. Fans are enamored with Prachi and Ranbir’s fiery yet sweet love story, but unfortunately, the current storyline is lacking in keeping their excitement going and needs a drastic change to maintain high TRPs.

Teri Meri Doriyaan:


Sahiba informs Angad of an incident where someone violated her personal space. Noticing Romi trying to conceal his identity, Angad pursues him, resulting in a physical altercation between the two. Despite Angad’s attempts to remove Romi’s disguise, he is unsuccessful and ends up hurting Romi’s hand with his locket. In retaliation, Romi stabs Angad in the chest before fleeing on a motorbike. Angad then instructs Veer to chase after him while pointing out which direction he went in. Meanwhile, the Brar family accuses Sahiba of causing chaos at the event. Doubting Sahiba’s claims, Angad questions if she regrets leaving their home. To this, Sahiba responds that only those who make mistakes feel remorseful.

Radha Mohan:

Mohan joins as an assistant in Damini’s office while Ketki and Radha start a home parlor business to support their family. The wicked woman hired by Damini visits the parlor for a facial but ends up smearing black powder on her face to disgrace Ketki and Radha’s new venture.


Jordan arrives, surprising Ilahi who thanks him for saving Jahaan. He reminds her that he completed the task she had asked of him, and now it was her turn to fulfill her promise. She assures him that she remembers their agreement. Later, Jahaan returns home to find Tina serving tea to everyone. He asks her to call Ilahi and inform her that he has been discharged from the hospital. Soon, Jordan also arrives, dancing joyfully. Jahaan can tell that Jordan is happy to see him back, but his happiness quickly turns into shock when he sees Ilahi standing next to Jordan. With a smile on his face, Jordan takes Ilahi’s hand and proudly announces that he has fulfilled his promise by bringing back his legal wife. He then asks them all to perform an arathi for their daughter-in-law’s return. Dolly and Jahaan are devastated as they watch them together. As Jordan leads Ilahi towards the ritual, he requests her to complete her Grahpravesh, Jahaan’s heart breaks as he witnesses this display of affection between them.


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