Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th September 2023 Kashvi Arrested

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th September 2023 Kashvi Arrested

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th September 2023 Written Update Kashvi Arrested. Accompanied by the Police Commissioner, Nitya arrives at the scene and inquires about the situation from her mother. She then politely requests the guests to leave as it concerns a matter of work. With everyone gone, Arjun and Jagdish inquire further. Nitya explains that she received a tip-off while on her way back from the hospital and was able to successfully apprehend Mirchi. Arjun expresses his joy but also questions why she did this while off-duty. Nitya clarified that she had shared the information with the Commissioner who took charge of the arrest. Kashvi shows her gratitude and assures that Mirchi Langda is no longer a threat.

Mirchi claims that someone assisted me in escaping, and Kashvi herself played a role in his escape. Arjun questions the validity of this statement, accusing Kashvi of falsely. He politely requests Arjun to refrain from maligning Kashvi’s name. The Commissioner reveals that Mirchi paid Kashvi to help him escape. Kashvi denies this, stating that she knows nothing about it. She insists that Mirchi Langda is lying. The Commissioner justifies their decision to bring him here and mentions their intention to search his house. Arjun expresses concern about a potential raid on a Civil Service officer’s home. He trusts Kashvi completely and asks Nitya why she allowed Mirchi Langda into their midst, doubting her judgment.


Nitya inquires about your well-being, referencing a statement made by Mirchi. She questions the lack of trust in Kashvi and points out that if the money is not found, it will prove Kashvi’s innocence. Wanting to clear her name, Kashvi invites the officer to search the house. The Inspector instructs them to remain there and cooperate while Mahima asks Kashvi why she has ruined their event. Arjun interrupts and reminds everyone that this is a matter of national security, telling Mahima to stop blaming Kashvi. As instructed by Nitya, the constable finds the money bag and informs the Inspector. They all rush over to see the money, including Dadi who is shocked.

However, Kashvi maintains her innocence and claims she does not know how the money got there. She assures them that she had no involvement whatsoever. Arjun insists that someone must be setting up Kashvi and urges the Commissioner to consider this possibility. However, the Commissioner stands firm in following evidence and orders for Kashvi’s arrest. Arjun defends Kashvi’s character, stating that she is an honest person who would never take a bribe. Arjun informs Nitya that he believes she is responsible for the current situation, due to her ongoing resentment towards Kashvi and her suspension.


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