2 Twists In Pandya Store Chiku vows revenge on Pandyas

2 Twists In Pandya Store Chiku vows revenge on Pandyas

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2 Twists In Pandya Store Chiku vows revenge on Pandyas. Amba puts on a dramatic display, falling to the ground as she claims that something must have happened with Dhawal. With tears streaming down her face, she insists on meeting him urgently. Amrish gives in to her demands and promises to bring Dhawal right away. In the meantime, he asks Chirag to contact Dhawal, while also taking his frustration out on Hetal once again. Chirag reaches out to Dhawal and fills him in on his mother’s condition. Without hesitation, Dhawal agrees to come over immediately. Meanwhile, Chiku is filled with self-blame for rescuing Suman and expresses his anger loudly. As Dhawal and Natasha return home, they anxiously inquire about Amba’s well-being. Relieved to see them back, Amba assures them that everything will now be alright and suggests they freshen up.

Meanwhile, Chiku makes a vow to suppress his emotions as he believes his suffering from childhood was caused by Pandya Store and Suman. After sending Dhawal and Natasha to get refreshed, Amba is overjoyed. Eventually, the two return in new attire and Dhawal steps out. However, Natasha begins to feel ill and Hetal rushes to check on her. Concerned, Amba becomes worried while Hetal reveals that Natasha may be pregnant.

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si:

Anagha is holding Hemant responsible for their current struggles and has proposed selling the bungalow as a solution. However, Hemant is hesitant and Anagha is adamant about selling it. Their conversation is overheard by Mrunal who mocks their idea and demands her share of the money if the bungalow is sold. Anagha threatens to reveal the situation to Vaibhav if Mrunal persists in wanting her share. This causes Mrunal to become wary and keep quiet. Anagha’s motive for selling the property is to improve their lives financially. However, she fears that if Vandana finds out, it will ruin everything since the bungalow belongs to her father. As a result, Anagha wants Vandana to get married quickly so that she can have full ownership of the house.






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