YRKKH Upcoming New Drama Barsatein Junooniyatt

YRKKH Upcoming New Drama Barsatein Junooniyatt

YRKKH Upcoming New Drama Barsatein Junooniyatt. As Akshara and Abhimanyu enter, Manjiri and Suhasini quickly ward off any negative energy upon seeing them together. While Akshara goes to put things away, Abhimanyu calls the children to help her. Later on, during the Ganpati installation, everyone gathers as Akshara and Abhimanyu unveil the idol. However, Manjiri appears shocked upon seeing the idol, causing Swarna and Manish to ask her what’s wrong. With a worried tone, Manjiri explains that Ganpati’s trunk should be on the left side, but it is on the right side which is considered inauspicious. Suhasini also becomes concerned, thinking that they cannot perform rituals with this setup. Meanwhile, Akshara remembers making the trunk on the other side and wonders what could have gone wrong with the idol.



Jahaan has a nightmare involving Ilahi and instinctively pulls her close to him. Confused, she questions his actions and Jahaan reciprocates by asking the same. He expresses his love for her, knowing well that she feels the same way towards him but is confused about her behavior. Ilahi reveals that it was ultimately her decision and Jahaan becomes suspicious of what she may be hiding from him. Despite his worries, he promises to not let Jordan ruin her life. However, Ilahi reassures him that there is no need for concern and reminds him to focus on recovering from his illness instead. She advises him to concentrate on his career while she takes care of herself. Jahaan confesses that despite trying numerous times, he cannot bring himself to leave her. As Ilahi walks away from the conversation.


Reyansh is determined to convince Aradhana to reveal her true identity to Malini, despite any objections she may have. He heads to the Bina bakery where he coincidentally runs into Malini. Aradhana also arrives at the bakery, causing Reyansh to address Malini by her nickname “Mimi” and inquire about her diabetes. This revelation shocks Aradhana, as she realizes that Reyansh has discovered their secret. She becomes desperate to stop him from revealing it at all costs. Surprised by Reyansh’s knowledge of her nickname, Malini explains that a friend had once referred to her as “Mimi”, but she now goes by Malini Khanna. As Aradhana ponders whether Reyansh has uncovered the truth about their relationship, Malini’s past comes back into question.


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