1 New entry in YRKKH to bring unexpected drama

1 New entry in YRKKH to bring unexpected drama

1 New entry in YRKKH to bring unexpected drama. As Akshara and Abhimanyu reveal the Ganpati, they both display a look of surprise. At the same time, Manjiri spots the idol and expresses concern to Manish that the trunk is supposed to be on the left side. Abhimanyu assures her that Akshara did place it on the left side. Curious, Surekha questions how he knows this. After a moment of confusion, Akshara fabricates a story to reassure Surekha that she had sent a photo to Abhimanyu beforehand. Meanwhile, Manjiri begins to worry about who could have altered the idol while Kairav eyes Muskaan suspiciously.

Abhir admits to being the one who moved the direction of the idol’s trunk while sneaking a peek. He apologizes and urges them not to cancel their wedding plans because of it. Abhimanyu reassures him that they will find a solution, but Manjiri expresses concern over the delay in installing the idol at an auspicious hour. As everyone considers the issue at hand, Akshara comes up with an idea. She gathers leaves and fashions a makeshift Ganpati idol, asking Manjiri if this would suffice. The group looks pleased and relieved as they begin their veneration. As Akshara was lost in veneration, her thoughts lingered on memories with Abhinav.


But with Abhimanyu’s assistance, she was able to break out of the frozen state. They had made a pact to support each other whenever one stumbled. Manjiri inspected the preparations once again as they awaited their beloved cousin’s return to India after a long time. The sisters eagerly looked forward to his arrival and shared childhood anecdotes. Suddenly, Sujeet and his wife appeared, warmly embracing them with joy.

Sujeet and his wife meet with everyone before Manjiri gives Abhimanyu some instructions. The following morning, upon arriving at Abhir’s room, Abhimanyu assumes he is still asleep when he sees only one person under the duvet. However, to his shock, it turns out to be Akshara instead of Abhir when he leans in for a kiss. Startled by his presence, Akshara quickly sits up and asks him why he is there. Just then, Abhir appears and questions why they are still in bed instead of being at the temple as planned. Surprised by this new information, Akshara looks to Abhir for confirmation while he explains that Manjiri requested they visit the temple for the sake of their relationship’s longevity.

Abhimanyu brings the bike for Akshara, informing her of construction on their route. As they arrive at the temple, they are reminded of their wedding memories upon seeing a couple getting married. The Pandit Ji then calls them over to bless them for a long and happy marriage. While sitting on the temple stairs, Abhimanyu and Akshara discuss their plans together. Just as Abhimanyu is about to leave, he slips and gets a jolt, but luckily Akshara catches him in time.

Akshara offers to take over driving the bike, but Abhimanyu insists he’s capable. As they ride, a mere “Oye” brings back memories of their time as a couple on this same bike. Akshara falls silent while Abhimanyu reflects on his personal feelings for her, determined to never let her down again and always make her happy.


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