3 Upcoming Twists Kundali Bhagya Kavya Radha Mohan

3 Upcoming Twists Kundali Bhagya Kavya Radha Mohan

3 Upcoming Twists Kundali Bhagya Kavya Radha Mohan. Rishabh advises to give Shaurya time to cool down, mentioning his young and impulsive nature. Karan disagrees, stating that Shaurya’s behavior cannot be overlooked because he is not as young as they think. Mahesh interjects, saying that it is too late to teach Shaurya manners now as he should have done so in his formative years. He also reminds them that Shaurya’s ways are already set and difficult to change. Nidhi receives a call from the police station informing her that Shambhu has arrived there without delay. Upon seeing Shambhu, who appears exhausted, she signals for him to remain quiet as he recognizes her. Preeta also arrives at the scene and inquires with the inspector about what Shambhu has divulged regarding Nidhi. While Nidhi remains silent, the inspector directly asks her to explain her motive for wanting to harm Preeta. Observing Nidhi’s silence, Preeta strides towards Shambhu and demands to know sternly what he has told the police.



Jaideep seeks revenge on Kavya by publicly humiliating her. Despite Shubh’s ultimatum to give up her seat for a year, Kavya rejects their marriage proposal. Determined to achieve her dream of becoming an IAS officer, Kavya enrolls in a training institute. However, shockingly, Jaideep becomes the new director and singles out Kavya by bombarding her with difficult questions in front of everyone. He even suggests that she return after a year for more preparation. This cruel behavior from her mentor leaves Kavya shattered, and she breaks down emotionally upon leaving the room.

Radha Mohan:

Damini is determined to destroy the family with the help of Bhushan and Kaveri. She shares with Rahul that Mohan isn’t working to support the family, but instead living a carefree life while everyone else works tirelessly. She asks Rahul to come to Trivedi House at 4 PM, where he witnesses Damini feeding Mohan. Misinterpreting the scene, Rahul captures it on his phone as proof.


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