Bhagya Lakshmi 30th September 2023 Written Update Rishi's love

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th September 2023 Written Update Rishi’s love

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Bhagya Lakshmi 30th September 2023 Written Update Rishi’s love. Neelam informs Malishka that the guest room is ready for her, but she plans to move her to Rishi’s room soon. Malishka expresses gratitude for having a mother figure like Neelam but wonders why Rishi cannot see her love and chose Lakshmi instead. She questions if Rishi will agree with Neelam’s decision. Neelam reassures Malishka that she brought her here and will bring Rishi as well, and promises to get them married. She declares that Malishka will become her daughter-in-law and they will make it official in front of everyone. Neelam swears to go to any lengths necessary to make this happen.

Meanwhile, Rishi playfully asks if he is being dramatic, to which Lakshmi tells him to go to sleep and turns the other way. Virender is surprised by Rishi’s departure and the current state of Neelam. It’s like we have two separate worlds sharing one room. While Malishka envisions Rishi lying on the bed, her fantasy quickly dissipates. Rishi removes his sherwani and settles in for the night. Lakshmi believes sleeping without AC is not something Rishi is used to. Malishka now inhabits Rishi’s room, despite Neelam offering her the guest room. She seems to believe that if they were married, their wedding night would have occurred in this room. However, she feels Lakshmi has taken possession of both Rishi and this room.

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Nevertheless, she confidently declares that Rishi and she will soon share this space. Kiran is concerned about Malishka’s well-being. Sonal mentions that Virender and Dadi’s reactions to seeing Malishka are unknown. She then calls Malishka and inquires if anything dramatic happened. Malishka reveals that Neelam intervened and prevented any potential drama from occurring. Kiran advises her to stay on Neelam’s good side as she is the key to getting her married. Malishka assures that Neelam has promised to find her a suitable match. Kiran reminds her to remain calm and not get upset.

Sonal promises Kiran that she will visit Malishka the next day and make sure she doesn’t make any mistakes. Kiran expresses gratitude towards Sonal, who considers both Rishi and Malishka as friends, and notes how their love for each other has been derailed by an unexpected factor – Lakshmi. Meanwhile, Rishi contemplates loosening his sherwani for some air so he can sleep better, while Lakshmi observes him silently. Rishi shifts in his sleep, scratching at his face from the persistent mosquito bites. Lakshmi notices he’s finally dozed off and decides to adjust his sherwani to let some air in.

She gently moves it up and down, not waking him. As she starts to feel drowsy herself, she accidentally falls onto him. Rishi wakes up slightly and asks her what she’s doing. He thanks her for helping him with the heat and urges her to go back to sleep. Confused, Lakshmi wonders why he’s scolding her. He tucks the sherwani around his feet to keep the mosquitoes away and tells her to close her eyes and relax. As she drifts off, Rishi continues fanning the sherwani to give her some relief from the humidity. Lakshmi stirs awake and looks at him appreciatively.






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