Star Plus Ghum Hai Kisikey Yeh Hai Chahatein Quick Update

Star Plus Ghum Hai Kisikey Yeh Hai Chahatein Quick Update

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Star Plus Ghum Hai Kisikey Yeh Hai Chahatein Quick Update. Savi tells Harini that her plan was successful and presents Kiran’s confession video. Overwhelmed, Harini expresses her sorrow over having to live with someone like Kiran for the sake of her child. Savi reassures her that she will use the video to persuade Bhavani to allow her divorce from Kiran. However, Harini doubts Bhavani’s understanding as she values family honor more than the well-being of her children. In a fit of rage, Kiran snatches the phone and erases the incriminating evidence. Shantanu arranges a board meeting, prompting Yashwant to inquire about his intentions. Shantanu responds by requesting the presence of Savi, as he has something to share with the group. Upon Savi’s arrival, she seeks their permission to present a video that will prove her innocence.

The board members agree and Savi proceeds to play Kiran’s confession video. Ishaan reacts with remorse and asks her to stop playing it. In response, Savi reminds them that she had pleaded for their trust but was never believed by any of them. Nishi regrets sharing her video. Savi was hesitant to play it, but they insisted and forced her to prove her innocence. She calls them out for their cruel behavior and questions why women always have to defend themselves while Kiran faces no scrutiny. Yashwant interrupts, saying they may consider giving Savi hostel accommodation now.

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However, Savi declines as she has no interest in studying at their hypocritical college and is leaving to go back home. She simply wanted to clear her name, which she has now done. Ishaan feels remorseful for his actions. Ishaan inquires Shukla what he would do if mistakenly accused someone, to which Shukla responds by saying he would remove his shoes and request the person to strike him. Ishaan then hands his shoes over to Savi and requests punishment for his error. Savi promptly discards the shoes.

Yeh Hai Chahatein:

Mahima believes she has interfered with Kashvi’s romantic plans, causing Arjun to remain unaware of your affection. She assures that he will not reveal his true feelings to you, causing you great emotional harm. Arjun reassures Nitya not to worry and suggests taking legal action against the decision. Jagdish agrees. Nitya expresses concern about losing her job, career, and reputation. A committee member informs Nitya that she will indeed be terminated from her position. Suddenly, Kashvi appears and interrupts, saying she needs a minute. She apologizes to the sir and explains that Nitya is innocent and should not be fired. The committee member questions her sudden change of statement, but Kashvi clarifies the misunderstanding.



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