Bhagya Lakshmi 1st October 2023 Written Update Stern Neelam

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st October 2023 Written Update Stern Neelam

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st October 2023 Written Update Stern Neelam. Lakshmi wakes up and searches for Rishi, wondering where he might have gone after having trouble falling asleep. Eventually, she spots him on the other side of the room and assumes he must be getting some fresh air. She decides to call Shalu and request that she bring over kitchen supplies and clothes, while also providing their address for delivery. Meanwhile, Dadi notices Neelam and Malishka in the temple together. Neelam explains that she’s following Dadi’s example by teaching Malishka about the duties of an Oberoi family bahu, including making prasad. She mentions that she used to do puja with Dadi and now Malishka will join her in doing so. Neelam then instructs Malishka to pray for Rishi as they all perform aarti together.

Lakshmi and Rishi face challenges adjusting to their new home. As they sit down at the dining table, Malishka and Karishma join them. Malishka comments on her timely arrival, to which Karishma responds by reassuring her not to worry about it. Curious, Malishka asks if Karishma knows about Bhabhi’s plans for something big. Karishma confirms this and wonders aloud what Neelam is going to do. At that moment, Virender, Dadi, and Ayush enter the room. Wanting an update on Neelam’s whereabouts, Karishma asks Virender about her location. Virender admits that he doesn’t know and reveals that Neelam is currently not speaking to him.


Sympathizing with Neelam, Karishma suggests that she is making the right decision given the lack of support from the family members. Virender starts to respond but Dadi intervenes and instructs Ayush to call Neelam over. Soon enough, Neelam makes her way into the room. She informs him that Shalu and Bani will provide new attire. He expresses his hesitation, acknowledging that he will have to make do until their future home is prepared. Concerned about Rishi’s well-being, Malishka questions Ayush if Rishi has been fed and whether he has secured a place to live. Ayush reassures her, assuring that Rishi now has a home. Curious about the details, Malishka asks if Virender has spoken with him. Virender confirms that they have conversed and reveals that Rishi does indeed have a place to stay while urging Malishka not to worry since Lakshmi is with him.

Neelam interjects, declaring her desire for her son’s return regardless of anyone else’s concerns. Karishma notes that it appears as though Neelam is preparing to announce Rishi’s situation. Shalu and Bani’s faces light up as they see Rishi and Lakshmi happy. They express their gratitude to him for standing by Lakshmi. Rishi assures them that he will do everything in his power to make Lakshmi happy. He also suggests thanking Ayush on his behalf, adding that if only he had listened to them earlier, things may have turned out differently. Shalu then presents the food, and Rishi mentions his hunger.


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