Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Pranbir Wedding Surprise

Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Pranbir Wedding Surprise

Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Pranbir Wedding Surprise. Ranbir valiantly saves Khushi from the kidnappers, proving his innocence in the process. Rana exposes Akshay’s true intentions, dispelling any doubts Prachi and Ranbir had about each other. Overjoyed, Ranbir expresses his desire to have Prachi back in his life. Though hesitant at first, Prachi musters up the courage to ask Ranbir if he still wants to marry her – leaving him stunned. In a heartwarming reunion, Prachi and Ranbir embrace while the Tandon family watches with disapproval from afar. Will they finally overcome all obstacles and stay together happily or will fate intervene once again?

Titlie receives a call from the hospital, which informs her that Chiku is actually Atharva Manikant Mehta. She then confronts Manikant and asks if he is Garv’s brother, Chiku. Meanwhile, Megha disguises herself in a burqa to go to the flower shop. Manikant warns Titlie not to reveal Chiku’s true identity to anyone. Later, Megha sprays something around Garv which causes him to feel dizzy. Koyal, sensing a strong connection with him, becomes emotional and embraces him. She then turns to Manikant for answers about his actions. Manikant reveals to them that after the accident, the doctors advised that Chiku remain in the hospital and Manikant took care of all his duties.


He also instructs Titlie to keep the truth hidden from Garv. Unfortunately, Koyal accuses Manikant of robbing everyone of their joy. The police arrive to arrest Garv for assaulting a woman. Megha tricks Garv into going on a date under the guise of assisting with his court case. Titlie discovers Megha’s infatuation with Garv.


Raghu collides with the ambulance with the truck, injuring Sanju and Gurpreet. Parineet rushes them to the hospital where she spots Shambu and gives chase. Eventually, she attacks him, but Raghu intervenes and takes her away. As Sanju regains consciousness, Babli informs her that Parineet had pursued Shambu earlier. Neeti is then confronted by Babli about the accident involving the ambulance, resulting in Sanju’s injury. Neeti directs a fierce glare at Bebe, while Sanju finds Parineet and helps untie her. All the while, Neeti scolds Bebe and Parminder overhears it.


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