Kundali Bhagya 2nd October 2023 Written Update Shambhu’s revelation

Kundali Bhagya 2nd October 2023 Written Update Shambhu's revelation

Kundali Bhagya 2nd October 2023 Written Update Shambhu’s revelation. The family asks Karan to give some time to Shaurya. Karan expresses his shock and inquires about the reason for their lack of discipline towards Shaurya. Rishabh explains that Shaurya is impulsive due to his young age, and suggests giving him time to calm down. However, Karan points out that Shaurya is not that young, and destructive behavior should not be overlooked. He believes Shaurya should know how to behave with others. Mahesh interjects, mentioning that it’s too late to teach manners now as they should have done so when he was more malleable in his childhood. Reminding Karan that Shaurya has grown stubborn in his ways and cannot be influenced anymore.

Shaurya, who had trashed his room, informs Nidhi that if Rajveer’s mother were in her place, she would have done everything to ensure his victory. Nidhi is taken aback by Shaurya’s sudden change towards Preeta, unaware that she is actually his mother. Shortly after, Nidhi receives a call from the police station informing her that Shambhu has woken up and is on his way there. Upon arriving at the station, Shambhu appears disheveled and immediately recognizes Nidhi.


However, Nidhi signals for him to be quiet. At that moment, Preeta arrives and inquires with the inspector about what Shambhu has said about Nidhi. As the inspector inquires, Nidhi is prompted to explain her motives for wanting to harm Preeta. However, she remains silent. In response, Preeta strides towards Shambhu with determination and demands to know what he has disclosed to the authorities. Will Shambhu reveal Nidhi as the one who hired him to attack Preeta? And how will Karan retaliate against Shaurya for his wrongdoing? Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 2nd October 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 2nd October 2023 Written Update Shambhu’s revelation:

Karan tells Mahesh that he wants to show Shaurya his mistake. Rishabh asks him to vent his anger on the family, but just think with a calm mind. He calls Karan at fault. He doesn’t want Karan to blame Shaurya always. He reminds that Nidhi has handled Shaurya. He applauds Nidhi for taking care of Shaurya and raising him all these years. He tells that Karan was never there for Shaurya. He rebukes Karan for missing his duties. He regrets that Karan’s behavior towards Shaurya isn’t right. Karan gets upset. Nidhi pacifies Shaurya. He says that Karan doesn’t know anything other than to give a lecture.

He is angry that the family always disappoints him. He asks Nidhi why didn’t she support him when everyone mocked him. She tells that she tried hard to defeat Rajveer, she broke the glass to injure Rajveer, and she cheated just to make Shaurya win. He tells that she failed, she is not capable, and didn’t help him. He adds that Rajveer’s mom would have done anything to make him win. He regrets that Nidhi isn’t helpful. She gets an urgent call from the police station. Preeta, Gurpreet, and Shrishti also go to the police station. Preeta says that she isn’t scared of Nidhi.

She is confident to defeat Nidhi and get her punished. She lectures Shrishti to be a good mother for Rajveer. She tells that she feels like she is Rajveer’s mother. She advises her to be responsible and look after Rajveer. She is worried for Rajveer, knowing he has gone to the Luthra house. Shrishti gets emotional. She tells that she will not spare Rajveer when he comes back home. She promises to scold him. She asks if Shambhu would tell the truth. Preeta is sure that Shambhu would have admitted the complete truth of fear of the police. The inspector asks Nidhi about Shambhu. She tells that she doesn’t know Shambhu. He summons her at the police station. Inspector tries to scare Shambhu and make him confess the truth.

Nidhi tells Aarohi that she can get arrested for an attempt to murder charge. Aarohi tells that they will handle the matter later. Nidhi is scared. She doesn’t want to leave Shaurya alone when he is so upset. She adds that she doesn’t want to get arrested. The inspector beats up Shambhu and asks him to admit the truth. Shambhu agrees. Nidhi tells that Shaurya is her only support and she can’t lose him. Aarohi praises Rajveer. Nidhi asks her to shut up, and just praise Shaurya. She says that she will deny the allegations. She devises a plan. She goes back to Shaurya. She tells that she can do anything for him. Shaurya states that she didn’t do anything and he lost the challenge. He feels raged. He doesn’t want to see Rajveer’s face.

She tells that Shaurya is Krishna and Rajveer is Kans. She promises to make Rajveer fall into everyone’s sight. He asks her what is she saying. She tells that she can see it, everyone loves him, but soon they will hate him. She shares her plans. He tells that it’s a dangerous plan. She tells that they have to attack a person’s character to break him. He agrees to execute her plan. She tells that she will be back in some time. She asks him to call her if he needs help. He tells that he will take Sandy’s assistance. She leaves, while Sandy questions Shaurya about the plan. Shaurya tells that they will spike Rajveer and Shanaya’s drinks and then lock them in a room, they will be caught romancing together and Rajveer’s character will get smashed. He wants to remove Rajveer from his family forever.

He asks Sandy to install CCTV cameras in every room. Sandy agrees and calls Sanju to make the arrangement. Karan, Rishabh, and Mahesh are still arguing about Shaurya’s matter. Karan wants his rights on Shaurya. He tells that he has a right to scold Shaurya. Rishabh and Mahesh explain to him that he wasn’t with Shaurya ever. Rishabh tries to open Karan’s eyes. Mahesh explains that Shaurya needed his mom and dad in childhood, but he never got Karan by his side. Mahesh asks Karan not to try to become a father by scolding Shaurya all the time. Rishabh asks Karan to become Shaurya’s friend before becoming a father. He tells that he should befriend Shaurya and know his take on life. Palki takes care of Rajveer’s wound. Shanaya flirts with him. Shaurya keeps an eye on them. Shanaya tells that she likes Rajveer a lot.

Palki asks her to be quiet sometimes. She also sings in praise of Rajveer. Shaurya tells that it’s time to execute the plan. Nidhi meets Preeta at the police station. The inspector says that Shambhu has told the truth. Preeta tells Shrishti that she knew it and, that Shambhu will confess everything. She asks Shambhu about Nidhi’s motives behind the crime. She asks the inspector what did Shambu say. Inspector asks Nidhi to answer, why did she try to kill Preeta and what’s the cause of the enmity. Nidhi gets worried. Shaurya asks Sandy about Sanju’s whereabouts. He grows impatient. He calls Sanju and asks him to reach soon. Sanju arrives. Shaurya asks him to take the task seriously. They fix the cameras in every room. Sanju asks Shaurya to telecast the feed on the projector by using the remote. Shaurya gets glad. He decides to shock Rajveer.


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