Udaariyaan 1st September 2023 Written Update Aasma’s romantic surprise

Udaariyaan 1st September 2023 Written Update Aasma's romantic surprise

Udaariyaan 1st September 2023 Written Update Aasma’s romantic surprise. Armaan feels Alia committed a grave error by deceiving him. The crane arrives and picks up Armaan and Aasma, to bring them out of the pit. Aasma embraces Armaan as soon as they are on their feet. Aasma is touched by his determination to help Raja receive treatment in Canada. Without a doubt, she promises to take him there, but he must complete his education first as finding work in Canada may be challenging. Emphasizing her disapproval of lies, she urges Armaan to be truthful and not mislead her. Meanwhile, Alia overhears the conversation. Aasma leaves a shirt for Armaan with a note attached. As Raja arrives, he praises Aasma’s bravery and mentions that he prefers aloo paratha while Armaan prefers gobi paratha. Aasma makes a delicious aloo paratha for breakfast.

As Armaan enters, dressed in the shirt Aasma gave him, she starts cooking gobi paratha for him. When Armaan’s aunt sees them together in the kitchen, she playfully teases them. Despite Armaan’s insistence for her to leave him alone, Alia declares her unconditional love and refuses to forgive him for his unjust words earlier. While applying makeup for Armaan, Aasma thinks of him fondly. Alia has realized that she and her partner are both capable of living independently. She expresses her desire to relocate to Aasma for a happier life without his constant scrutiny. As tears well up in his eyes, he agrees to make this happen if it is what she truly desires.


Aasma lights candles in her room for Armaan, while lost in thoughts about him. She decorates their entire room in anticipation of his arrival, eager to discuss his dream with him. However, when Armaan finally arrives, he remains silent. Aasma asks about his friend’s mother and he responds that she has been discharged. She suggests he freshen up while she prepares dinner, but Armaan reveals he has already eaten. Disappointed, Aasma extinguishes the candles and Armaan silently lies down on the couch. As Aasma picks up Armaan’s shirt from the bed, she notices a lipstick mark and begins to wonder if there is another woman in his life.

Overwhelmed with emotions, she breaks down in tears and is unable to make sense of the situation. Feeling conflicted, she ultimately decides to confront Armaan about it. Meanwhile, Armaan discovers an open university form that Aasma had brought for him and agrees to her request for him to continue his studies. However, just as he is about to take a shower, Aasma receives a call from Alia on his phone. Sensing something important, Alia apologizes for their encounter yesterday and asks Armaan to meet her at the market. Initially hesitant due to important work obligations, Armaan eventually agrees to meet with her. As he gets ready to leave, Aasma questions if he is heading to the hospital to visit Bunty and he confirms this.

Suspecting that Armaan may be cheating on her, Aasma decides to follow him in search of the truth. Alia and Armaan have a heartfelt conversation when they meet. Alia expresses her remorse for their recent disagreement and admits that she can’t imagine her life without him. However, she also confesses to feeling insecure about losing him and realizes that he is the most important thing in her life. Armaan reciprocates her apology, but confesses that he is tired of constantly lying to Aasma. He suggests taking a break from their relationship until after his 12th exams. Alia disagrees, suggesting they get fake certificates for his exam instead. However, Armaan refuses, not wanting to deceive Aasma again.

Alia argues that he has changed now, but Armaan stands firm on his decision to wait until after his exams before resuming their relationship. However, as they are driving home together, Armaan accidentally hits another car and chaos ensues. Aasma comes out of her car to see what’s wrong and finds Armaan fighting with the other driver. Aasma trails behind Armaan and his female companion on his bike, giving him a quick call to inquire about his location. Trying to avoid any suspicion, Armaan falsely claims to be with Bunty and promises to call her back later. However, Aasma continues to follow them closely. Eventually, Armaan notices Aasma tailing them and hops off the bike with Alia in an attempt to evade detection.


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