Anupama Upcoming Twists Anuj anger burst

Anupama Upcoming Twists Anuj anger burst

Anupama Upcoming Twists Anuj anger burst. Samar expresses difficulty in finding knowledge while surrounded by fathers. Vanraj acknowledges the challenges of fatherhood, while the women discuss motherhood at home. Leela shares her experience of changing diapers and not being able to fully enjoy movies or music. Dimple becomes hesitant, but Anupama tries to ease her fears with laughter. Meanwhile, Barkha and Kinjal agree that this is the reality. Hasmukh advises Samar that as a parent, it is tough to balance one’s own aspirations with those of their children. Paritosh says it is essential to properly sterilize a baby’s milk bottle regardless of whether one is a heavy-weight lifter. Pakhi then goes to Dimple and adorns her with a cute tiara, prompting all the ladies to join in dancing.

The men of the family are also caught up in celebrating Samar’s joyous occasion. However, amidst the festivities, Samar encounters Sonu who treats him rudely. Despite this, Samar chooses to ignore him after giving him a stern look. In the midst of all this, Anuj notices Sonu and his friends making a girl uncomfortable by constantly leering at her. Vanraj tries to divert Anuj’s attention from them as he knows they cannot afford any trouble. Barkha had a great time, whereas Kavya believes in celebrating the little moments. However, Anupama’s gut feeling leads her to the hallway where she tries to reassure herself.


At the club, Samar is ridiculed by Sonu and his friends for being a father. He glares at them as Sonu threatens him, saying he won’t be fit to become a father. Just then, Anuj approaches and warns Sonu that he has been watching their antics and will intervene if they don’t stop. Pakhi shares her desire to become a mother with everyone. However, Leela reminds her that she is still in her youth and should wait until she has stability before making such a decision. Anupama reaches out to Samar for some vitamin tablets for Kavya and Dimple. Samar reassures her that everything is fine and he will return soon, bringing comfort to Anupama. Paritosh asks for meal suggestions while Anuj struggles to control his anger upon seeing Sonu make a girl feel uncomfortable.


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