Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2023 Written Update Wicked Shaurya

Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2023 Written Update Wicked Shaurya

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Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2023 Written Update Wicked Shaurya. The inspector tells everyone that Shambhu only confessed after he gave him a good beating. Preeta becomes excited to hear that and confidently tells Shrishti that she is sure that Shambhu will confess when the police use force upon him. She asks the inspector what has Shambhu confessed and before the inspector can say anything she goes to him to ask what has he told the police and why is Nidhi after her life. However, Shambhu looks terrified and remains quiet irritating Preeta and she once again asks the inspector to tell her why is Nidhi after her life.

Meanwhile, Nidhi who has been standing silently with Aarohi looks worried when the inspector asks her why she wants to kill Preeta. On the other hand, Shaurya looks satisfied once all the CCTV cameras are installed and Sanju explains the remote mechanism to him. Shaurya informs Sanju and Sandy that it is time for Rajveer and Shanaya to play their roles in his plan. When asked about his method of drugging them, Shaurya confidently replies with a smile that he will use Lord Krishna to lure Rajveer into his trap.

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He then proceeds to mix the drug into a bowl of Prasad, adding an excessive amount. Sanju tries to intervene, but Shaurya reassures him that a small quantity will slow down the process. After ensuring the bowl is thoroughly mixed, Shaurya prepares another bowl on a tray and brings it to Rajveer’s room. There, he offers the Holy offering to Rajveer who is taken aback by Shaurya’s humility but ultimately accepts it. Meanwhile, Shanaya, Kavya, and Palki observe Shaurya’s actions with curiosity but he simply smiles indulgently. As he is about to leave, Kavya requests for the holy offering as well. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2023 Written Update Wicked Shaurya:

Nidhi’s lawyer Batra is sent to rescue Shambhu from the police station. Upon arrival, he informs the inspector that all necessary paperwork has been completed and he will return later to retrieve his client. Batra explains that Shambhu had been intoxicated and falsely claimed that Nidhi had hired him to harm Preeta. He further reveals that Shambhu had attempted to blackmail Nidhi for money due to her wealth. This startling revelation leaves Preeta and Shrishti stunned. The inspector allows Nidhi to depart, after reprimanding Shambhu. As they prepare to leave, Preeta insists on being recognized as a victim of both Nidhi and Shambhu’s actions, citing her accident as proof. However, the inspector disagrees with her assessment. With nothing left to do, Shrishti exits the police station.

Shaurya generously distributes prasad to everyone. Sandy mentions that he is doing so at Nidhi’s request. Palki raves about the delicious taste of the prasad from the red bowl, but before she can have any, Shaurya stops her, remembering that he had added some powder to it. He reminds her that it is meant as prasad, not food, and promises to give her some once he has given it to everyone else. Shanaya excuses herself to take a phone call and doesn’t take any prasad. Meanwhile, Shaurya offers some to Rajveer who becomes suspicious, thinking something fishy is going on.

Shrishti interrupts Nidhi, who sarcastically remarks that Preeta and Shrishti may talk a lot, but they are incapable of taking action. Shrishti then compares Nidhi to Anjali in her madness. Nidhi admits to hiring Batra in order to protect her pawn, Shambhu. Shrishti declares that she understands everything and urges Nidhi to put an end to it. She warns that she will bring proof if Nidhi continues to cause trouble. Nidhi confesses that she manipulated Rajveer to target Preeta, and she plans to use him again for the same purpose. Shrishti cautions her against getting carried away with power, but Nidhi insists on doing things her way and exits the scene.

Preeta inquires from Shrishti about the situation. Gurpreet informs Preeta that Shrishti had a disagreement with Nidhi. Preeta advises Shrishti not to pay attention to Nidhi’s words and not be intimidated by her threats. They eventually make it home, but Rajveer starts feeling unwell. Shaurya suggests that Rajveer takes some rest. He settles into the guest room, while Shaurya instructs Sandy and Sanju to have Shanaya stay in the guest room as well.

Shrishti informs Gurpreet about Nidhi’s threat, expressing her fear that Nidhi plans to harm Rajveer. In response, Gurpreet reassures her that Rajveer is not a child and will handle Nidhi if she tries anything. Meanwhile, Shaurya instructs Sandy to mix the powder into the juice and then goes to Shanaya. Sandy brings two glasses of juice and Shaurya gives one to Shanaya, falsely claiming that Rajveer is looking for her. He then sends Shanaya to the guest room.






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