Radha Mohan 2nd October 2023 Written Update Mohan in trouble

Radha Mohan 2nd October 2023 Written Update Mohan in trouble

Radha Mohan 2nd October 2023 Written Update Mohan in trouble. Rahul is waiting in the school to pick up Gungun when Damini arrives. She expresses how impressed she is with Rahul’s behavior as a brother, to which he responds by mentioning how hard everyone in the family works, including Mohan who has a job. Damini then invites Rahul to visit Trivedi’s house at 4 p.m. if he wants to learn more about Mohan’s work. Meanwhile, Kaveri asks Mohan to run an errand for her but also warns him to keep his distance. As it turns out, there is no stain on Kaveri’s clothes and Damini takes the opportunity to assign Mohan some tasks. When the office staff arrives, Tulsi reminds Damini not to belittle Mohan in front of them. However, Damini proceeds inside and tells the staff to take a seat while she handles things.

She thanks Mohan for inviting them and Bhushan tells Kaveri that the staff assumes Mohan is their boss. This prompts Kaveri to order Mohan around and when one of the staff questions why Mohan should bring water, Bhushan explains that he is now working as a servant for them. Kaveri points out that, Mohan is in a difficult financial situation and is currently employed by them. She expresses frustration with his subpar performance in household tasks. In an alarming turn of events, Mohan threatens her, causing her to backtrack and admit she was only joking. Kaveri then reveals that Mohan is the true owner.


Damini witnesses the exchange and hopes that Rahul will visit their home at 4 p.m. Radha is reminded of Mohan’s recent behavior and wonders why he has been acting strangely towards her. She suspects that he may be keeping secrets from her. Seeking protection for him, she turns to Lord Krishna. Mohan is known for serving others selflessly. Gayatri stops him, telling him he doesn’t need to do so much. She recalls how he helped her in the past while other staff members also came forward with stories of his kindness. They all show their appreciation for Mohan’s actions. Kaveri questions why they are giving respect to Mohan, especially since he is now poor. Gayatri reminds her that respect cannot be bought with money, but must be earned through actions. Everyone enjoys the meal together and Mohan shares his belief that anyone can earn money, but not everyone can earn respect. Damini agrees, acknowledging that Mohan is gaining respect because of his good deeds. Rahul arrives to find Mohan dining with others, while Damini catches his eye. She mentions to Kaveri that the house still belongs to Mohan, even though he no longer lives there. She emphasizes that no one can replace him and proceeds to feed him. Tulsi is curious about Damini’s sudden change in behavior. As Rahul remembers how Mohan chose Radha over a life of luxury, Damini takes a group selfie and Rahul captures everything on video. He shows the footage to the Trivedis, pointing out that Mohan is partying with Damini and labeling him as a liar, selfish, and a betrayer. Meanwhile, Radha asks Rahul where Gungun is.


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