YRKKH Abhimanyu grows anxious over Abhinav’s mention

YRKKH Abhimanyu grows anxious over Abhinav's mention

YRKKH Abhimanyu grows anxious over Abhinav’s mention. Akshara informs Abhimanyu that she will have the driver drop him off, but he insists on riding a bike instead. As he attempts to mount the bike, his foot twists and Akshara quickly steps in to help. Their eyes meet, causing an awkward moment before Akshara hurries inside. However, Muskaan intercepts her and points out that her actions show she is not ready for marriage. That night, Muskaan’s words keep Akshara up, despite her attempts to distract herself with activities. The next day, the Birlas arrive at the Goenka house for the wedding, accompanied by Sujeet and his wife who are thrilled to be part of the celebration.

Akshara is all set and looking stunning when Aarohi, Surekha, and Swarna arrive to escort her downstairs, where everyone is joyfully singing folk wedding tunes. As Akshara makes her entrance, Abhimanyu’s heart skips a beat at the sight of her radiant beauty. Manjiri arranges for Akshara and Abhimanyu to sit together and begin the rituals, but Abhimanyu senses a hint of sadness in Akshara. After some time, Suhasini informs them that the official ceremonies are about to commence and they must stay inside the house now. As Abhimanyu sits on the stage, he is soon joined by everyone who begins to apply Haldi. Abhir requests Akshara to apply the yellow paste while she hesitantly complies with their insistence.


Feeling anxious, she informs Abhimanyu that she wishes to speak with him and awaits him upstairs. Despite his attempts to follow her, Anand and Manish prevent him from doing so. After a while, Manjiri returns with another bowl of Haldi and Swarna goes to fetch Akshara. While observing the concerned expressions of the Goenkas, Manish informs Manjiri that Akshara is not home. This shocks Manjiri and prompts Surekha to question if Akshara has cold feet. Manish scolds Surekha for talking nonsense but she insists that she is telling the truth and there’s a chance that Akshara has fled to Kasauli. Muskaan is delighted by Surekha’s words, while Abhimanyu assures her that Akshara has not run away.

Muskaan approaches Abhimanyu and asks him if he is certain. He replies with confidence, stating that he trusts Akshara and could call her to confirm. However, despite multiple attempts, they were unable to reach Akshara on the phone. Aarohi suggests waiting, as Akshara may be trying to reach them. While walking on the street, Akshara attempts to call Abhimanyu but suddenly feels dizzy. As her call connects, she struggles to mention anything other than Abhinav’s name due to a sharp headache.

Dropping her phone, she instinctively grasps her head in pain. Surekha later reveals that Akshara mentioned Abhinav’s name, implying that she may not be up for the festivities. Upon hearing this, Abhimanyu wipes his face and announces that he will go find Akshara. Along the way, he recalls hearing bells in the background of Akshara’s call and realizes they must belong to an old school. Meanwhile, someone offers Akshara water which helps alleviate her symptoms.


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