Barsatein 3rd October 2023 Written Update Truth for Malini

Barsatein 3rd October 2023 Written Update Truth for Malini

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Barsatein 3rd October 2023 Written Update Truth for Malini. Reyansh gazes at Aradhana, fully immersed in the lyrics of her song, while everyone around them delights in the music. Later, it’s Reyansh’s turn and he serenades Aradhana with an emotional love song, causing them both to be captivated by each other’s gaze. Meanwhile, Vikram catches a glimpse of Reyansh referencing his past relationship with Aradhana in the lyrics and playfully nudges Sunaina to watch the “enemy” duo falling for each other once again. As they observe this unfolding romance, Reyansh notices Jai speaking romantically and can’t help but ask him about his own love life. Jai reveals that he has found love and is excited about their future together, although he is unsure how she feels about him.

Afterwards, Reyansh gives Ardhana a ride to the cafe and urges her to talk to Malini before it’s too late. She snaps at him for always interfering and insists that he stay out of her problems. The following day, while decorating the walls, Aradhana slips on the stairs, and instead of Reyansh, Jai catches her. Will this gesture make Reyansh realize that Jai has feelings for Aradhana? Could Kriti seek retribution against Aradhana? Keep reading for a full written update on Barsatein 3rd October 2023.

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Barsatein 3rd October 2023 Written Update Truth for Malini:

Reyansh sings a song while gazing at Aradhana, but she averts her eyes. She then starts singing, becoming emotional as she reminisces about the moments they shared. This saddens Reyansh. In a defiant manner, Aradhana gestures at Reyansh and he responds by singing another song and pulling Kimaya to dance with him. Kriti joins in and dances with Jai. As everyone stands up to dance, Aradhana continues to stare at Reyansh. The lights come back on, revealing Kriti observing the intense exchange between Reyansh and Aradhana. She makes a mental note to teach Aradhana a lesson later.

Kriti deceives Viren and Akash with an edited confession clip from Jai. Thinking that Jai has feelings for Kriti, they decide to encourage their relationship. Kriti then informs Viren that there is a potential partner for Kimaya within their circle and they should plan her wedding. This causes confusion for Viren. However, Kriti is determined to put an end to Aradhana’s manipulation of Reyansh and Jai. When Jai notices Reyansh looking upset, he questions him about it. Reyansh gives vague answers but Jai insists on direct answers. Before Reyansh can respond, Akash interrupts and reveals his happiness upon learning about Jai’s feelings for a member of the Khanna family.

Reyansh proposes celebrating the news. While travelling together, Reyansh sets a 24-hour deadline for Aradhana to tell Malini the truth. However, Aradhana becomes upset and tells Reyansh to stay out of her life. He argues that Malini and Kadambari are essentially the same and urges Aradhana to reveal the truth to her. She explains that she has not yet told Malini because of the Khanna family’s recent hardships and does not want to ruin her happiness. This leads to tension between them, with Reyansh dropping off Aradhana early at the Khanna mansion for a special day. Aradhana misunderstands his intentions and declares that there is nothing left between them.

Reyansh clarifies by reminding her about the upcoming puja for their joint venture, but Aradhana leaves in a huff. Komal playfully teases Kriti for dressing up like a bride for the puja, even though she used to complain about it. Kriti reveals that Kriti is making this effort for Jai, her childhood crush. Reyansh overhears and mistakenly believes that Jai has feelings for Kimaya. Aradhana steps in to help with the decorations when a helper asks her for assistance. In the meantime, Kimaya and Reyansh engage in conversation, which Malini notices and becomes happy about. Jai sees Reyansh with Kimaya and jumps to the conclusion that they are in a relationship. He then falsely assures Malini that he will contact Reyansh’s parents to arrange an alliance between him and Kimaya.

Grateful, Malini thanks Jai for his help. Kriti tries to push Aradhana off the ladder, but Jai intervenes and prevents any harm. Aradhana then indirectly taunts Reyansh and compliments Jai. Later, Malini visits the Ossian bakery to order sweets for the puja and Beena takes her order while mentioning a new letter she received. This confuses Malini, but she receives reassurance from Jai about their upcoming news. Tripathi becomes concerned by Reyansh’s confidence, but Viren praises both him and Jai and gives them permission to proceed as they wish. This brings joy to Reyansh. Meanwhile, Jai spends time with Aradhana, encouraging her to share her problems and assuring her of his support. She expresses her gratitude towards him before he departs with a smile on his face. Beena asks Malini about the contents of the letter. Aradhana questions Reyansh about the 9pm news, but he declines to reveal it to her.






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