Kundali Bhagya 4th October 2023 Written Update Surprise

Kundali Bhagya 4th October 2023 Written Update Surprise

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Kundali Bhagya 4th October 2023 Written Update Surprise. Palki feels dizzy. She wonders what’s happening to her. She reaches the kitchen. She thinks why is her head spinning? She manages to get rid of the dizziness. Shrishti speaks to Gurpreet on call. She says that she is going to Luthra’s house because Nidhi has threatened her. She wants to do something to prevent the attack from Nidhi. Gurpreet asks her not to take Nidhi’s words seriously. Shrishti says that she has to take it seriously. Kareena also counsels Karan. Shaurya tells Karan that he has a surprise for them. Karan laughs and shows his joy. He says that he loves Shaurya a lot and wants to see the surprise. Karan starts behaving weirdly.

Palki asks Karan if he has consumed the Prasad sweets. Karan says yes. Shaurya is stunned. Palki gives a stare to Shaurya. She realizes Shaurya has spiked the sweets. Shaurya manages to gather the entire family in the living hall to show them Rajveer and Shanaya’s intimacy on the projector. He plans to defame Rajveer by targeting his character. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 4th October 2023.

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Kundali Bhagya 4th October 2023 Written Update Surprise:

An inebriated Rajveer claims that the room is without any windows or doors. Shanaya arrives and he warns her not to enter due to the lack of an exit. Similarly, an intoxicated Shanaya declares that she won’t step foot in the room and exits. Shaurya questions her reason for leaving and urges her to return to the room. She explains that there is no way out, but Shaurya reveals a door and guides her inside. Upon entering, he secures the door from outside. Shrishti reassures herself that Rajveer is not answering her call. She then heads towards the Luthra house. Preeta suggests that Shrishti should eat before leaving. Gurpreet leads Preeta inside, while Shrishti departs.

Palki notices that she is feeling lightheaded and remembers consuming Prasad earlier. Upon realizing that Shaurya had tampered with the prasad, she resolves to uncover his intentions. Rishabh informs Karan that Kareena and Bani will explain the situation to him properly since he did not understand it earlier. Karan retorts by stating that Rishabh’s explanation was convoluted and that he should not interfere as he was the one who made a mistake. Bani then advises Karan to befriend Shaurya. Kareena questions Karan about his lack of understanding. She clarifies that as Kritika’s friend, she is someone whom Kritika trusts and confides in. Just then, Shaurya appears and announces a surprise for them.

This reminds Karan of what Bani had said. Excitedly, he exclaims that Shaurya has set up a surprise for him, expressing his love for surprises. He then addresses Shaurya as his best friend. Meanwhile, the elders head downstairs where Sandy inquires about Karan’s condition. Shaurya suggests that Karan may be under the influence of alcohol. Karan expresses his admiration for the screen, predicting a major event and showing affection towards his best friend Shaurya. Rishabh disagrees, commenting that it appears artificial. Despite this, Karan remains elated. Palki plans to discuss Prasad with Shaurya. Sandy remarks on Karan’s unusual behavior, speculating that he may be under the influence.

Rishabh reprimands Sandy and demands an apology from him. However, Karan insists that it is unnecessary. A guy arrives and Shaurya takes him aside to give him a pendrive before leaving. Palki follows Shaurya and Nidhi witnesses the interaction. Meanwhile, Shaurya contemplates the uncertain fate of Rajveer and Shanaya. Rajveer questions Shanaya about the location of the door, assuming she entered through it. Shanaya points to the mirror and explains that it serves as both a door and a reflective surface. Rajveer argues that it is simply a mirror.

Despite his insistence, Shanaya refuses to accept his explanation. He warns her to steer clear of Shaurya. She responds by asking him to leave and not say anything else. Meanwhile, Shrishti answers Gurpreet’s call and reveals that she is on her way to the Luthra house. Surprised, Gurpreet inquires about why Shrishti took Nidhi’s words seriously. Shrishti defends her actions, stating that she cannot afford to take any risks.






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