2 Epic twists Kundali Bhagya Preeran meet Wedding bells

2 Epic twists Kundali Bhagya Preeran meet Wedding bells

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2 Epic twists Kundali Bhagya Preeran meet Wedding bells. Shanaya and Rajveer start fighting in the locked room. Shaurya’s room fails. Rajveer asks Shanaya to stay away from Shaurya. She asks him to shut up and calls him stupid. She holds his collar and scolds him. She tells him that she likes Shaurya. Palki reaches there and finds Rajveer fallen on the bed. Shanaya comes out of the washroom and leaves the room. Palki finds Rajveer intoxicated. She doesn’t see Shanaya. She knows Shaurya has planned this conspiracy. Shanaya goes to Shaurya’s room and falls asleep on his bed. The Luthras find Shanaya in Shaurya’s room and assume that they are interested in each other. The family considers Shanaya for Shaurya. Palki helps Rajveer get rid of the intoxication.

Meanwhile, Preeta and Shrishti reach the Luthra house. Shrishti pretends sick and makes Preeta worried. Girija helps Preeta in handling Shrishti. Shrishti tells Preeta that they shall leave and not come in front of Karan. Preeta asks what she means. Preeta wants to talk to Karan once. Shrishti asks her to just come with her. Karan makes an entry into the room. Shrishti hides from Karan. Karan and Preeta finally come face to face, when she visits the Luthra house to meet Nidhi. Karan is stunned seeing her in front of his eyes. Preeta wonders why is he staring at her. Even she is lost in his eyes and feels some connection with him.

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Shrishti gets panicking seeing Karan and Preeta together. Karan wants to realize if he is seeing reality or hallucinating something. He freezes on seeing Preeta. Shrishti throws a vase out of the door. She distracts Karan. Shrishti makes Preeta hide and sends Girija in front of Karan. Karan asks Girija where is Preeta. Girija lies to him that she didn’t see anyone. Shrishti takes Preeta with her and the sisters run out of the room. Karan doubts Girija’s words. He says that something is wrong. She says that he might be dreaming. He wonders if he saw Preeta or not. He is confused. Rajveer drops Palki home. He loves her, but she suspects that he is dating Shanaya. She is confused about Rajveer’s feelings.

Shanaya is very happy to share the good news with Daljeet. She tells that Shaurya’s entire family wants Shaurya and her/Shanaya to get married. Daljeet screams with joy. Shanaya asks her to sit down and hear the complete story. Shanaya and Shaurya’s wedding is announced in the Luthra house. Shanaya proudly feels successful in her plan. Shaurya feels inclined towards Palki instead of Shanaya. He tries to know his feelings for Palki. Will Shaurya pose new trouble for Rajveer and Palki? Keep reading for more latest news and spoilers.

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