Barsatein 4th October 2023 Written Update Reyansh's huge surprise

Barsatein 4th October 2023 Written Update Reyansh’s huge surprise

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Barsatein 4th October 2023 Written Update Reyansh’s huge surprise. Aradhana takes it upon herself to confront Reyansh about his conversation with Malini. Later at the party, Viren and Akash engage in a discussion about their joint venture and the possibility of their children’s marriage, inspired by Kriti’s interest in Jai. Vikrant expresses concern for their daughters, but Akash suggests they leave the matter to their wives. Aradhana is worried that Reyansh may reveal her secret while under the influence of alcohol, so she keeps a close eye on him. Kriti spends time talking to Jai and Reyansh interacts with Kimaya.

Excitedly, Kriti shares with Kimaya her hopes of ending up with both Jai and Reyansh. Reyansh demands that Aradhana tell Malini the truth about being her daughter, but she refuses. He gives her an ultimatum which leads Aradhana to break down in front of him. After discovering that Jai also has feelings for Aradhana, Kriti witnesses a moment between Aradhana and Reyansh, leading her to misunderstand the situation. To protect Kimaya’s happiness, she makes a vow to ensure that Kimaya ends up with Reyansh and that she will live happily with Jai. Ahead in the show, Beena, using the nickname Mimi, will inquire about the contents of the letter and if it contains another one of Malini’s past secrets. Reyansh will compliment Jai for boosting his confidence before leaving with a smile.

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However, Aradhana will question Reyansh in a mocking tone about his lack of confidence in all his previous actions. Despite feeling upset, Reyansh will maintain a smile. As Malini opens the letter that she received, her worried expression is apparent. Later on, Aradhana expresses her curiosity about Reyansh’s plans for 9 pm by grasping his shirt and he responds by teasingly stating that it will be revealed at that time. This causes Aradhana to give him a tearful look as she wonders what game he is playing this time. Keep reading for a full written update on Barsatein 4th October 2023.

Beena informs Malini that she has received a letter and hands it to her, mentioning that in the past, Malini used to receive letters addressed to her husband Rajan. However, this time, the letter is addressed to Malini Khanna instead of Mimi. This comes as a surprise to Malini. Beena then asks about Malini’s relationship with her late husband and if they had any special connection. This question causes tension for Malini as she denies having any significant bond with Rajan. She soon realizes that the letter was not delivered through the mail and asks Beena who gave it to her. Beena admits that she does not know since many people come and go to her café. As a result, Malini decides to leave the place.

Reyansh, Viren, and Akash discuss their plans. Viren expresses concerns about potential trouble. Jai assures Viren that he and Reyansh are capable of handling everything. Reyansh credits Jai for increasing his confidence after his return. Aradhana questions if this means Reyansh had no confidence before. Reyansh explains that he has confidence but appreciates having Jai as a strong supporter. He mentions the limited time left and Aradhana becomes anxious. To cover up, Reyansh tells Jai he has assigned some secret tasks to Aradhna. Jai agrees to do whatever is necessary and reminds Aradhana it is her responsibility to fulfill it.

After discovering a mysterious letter, Malini is concerned about the blackmailer who knows her past. Against her better judgment, she decides to follow the instructions provided before her secrets are revealed to her family. She calls Viren’s number but worries about what excuse she can give him to prevent the news from being published. Meanwhile, Aradhana confronts Reyansh for threatening her in front of Viren. Defending himself, Reyansh claims he had no other choice. In Jai’s office, Kriti unexpectedly enters and they fondly recall their childhood memories.

On the other hand, Aradhana presses Reyansh for information about his 9 pm news idea, but he remains tight-lipped. Frustrated with him, Aradhana raises her voice before exiting. Later on, Jai confides in Kriti about his suspicions that Reyansh has feelings for Kimaya. However, Kriti remembers seeing Reyansh hugging Aradhana and lying to Jai that he also has feelings for Kimaya. She even suggests talking to Reyansh’s parents about it. Jai agrees and leaves while Kriti smirks knowing that Aradhana will soon regret playing.

Reyansh reminds Aradhana that she only has 15 hours left to tell Malini the truth in a voice note. This upsets Aradhana, while Jai calls Vivek and his happiness is evident when he thinks that Aradhana has forgiven Reyansh. Whenever Reyansh is around, Kimaya expresses her feelings for him, and Aradhana praises his work ethic. Kriti misleads Reyansh about Jai’s feelings for Aradhana. He becomes happy thinking that Jai has found his childhood love, Kriti. Later on, both Malini and Kimaya receive an MMS of Angad and Kimaya being romantic and are asked to prevent it from being published on the 9 pm news. While Aradhana gets worried, Kimaya breaks down in front of her and Malini tries to console her. They both wonder who could be behind all this. Meanwhile, Reyansh and Jai discuss their ideas for the future, both professionally and personally. Jai teases Reyansh about falling in love while advising him not to let go of someone precious like Kimaya.

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