Barsatein 5th October 2023 Written Update Major news

Barsatein 5th October 2023 Written Update Major news

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Barsatein 5th October 2023 Written Update Major news. Akash and Viren are elated, and together they decide to solidify their alliance. Upon receiving a subtle hint from Kriti regarding Kimaya’s potential spouse, Viren is happy. Kriti is determined to prevent Aradhana from winning the game. Reyansh convinces Aradhana to tell Malini the truth about their relationship as mother and daughter, but Aradhana refuses out of her desire not to ruin Malini’s joy. To better understand the situation, Reyansh compares Malini and Kadambari, then gives Aradhana 24 hours to reveal the truth. This news upsets Aradhana greatly.

Meanwhile, Malini is pleased to see an interaction between Reyansh and Kimaya. Misunderstanding Reyansh’s intentions towards Kimaya, Jai promises to help Malini contact Reyansh’s parents for a possible alliance. In an attempt to harm Aradhana, Kriti is foiled by Jai’s timely intervention. Viren commends both Jai and Reyansh for their contribution to taking the business to new heights. During a conversation with Jai, Aradhana acknowledges his promise of being there for her always, which touches her deeply.

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Ahead in the show, Malini will inform Aradhana about Kimaya’s potential pregnancy. This news shocks Aradhana. Reyansh declares that this revelation will have a significant impact on his life. Jai also acknowledges that the news will bring major changes to his life when it is broadcast on television. The atmosphere shifts with the news. Malini urges Aradhana to talk to Reyansh and stop the news from being aired. Assuring her, Aradhana agrees to speak with him. In the office, Reyansh expresses his displeasure towards anyone who tries to take away his love or passion. This statement prompts Jai to grab Reyansh by the neck in anger. From outside, Kriti observes their confrontation and smirks. She turns into a vamp. Keep reading for a full written update on Barsatein 5th October 2023.

Barsatein 5th October 2023 Written Update Major news:

Upon discovering that Kimaya could possibly be pregnant, Malini becomes worried. Her tears flow and she begins to feel shaken. Malini attempts to offer words of encouragement, but Kimaya’s emotional distress is too powerful. As Malini reflects on her own past experiences of being deceived in love, she cannot bear the thought of her daughter facing the same fate. Aradhana notices Malini’s stress and asks her about it, to which Malini replies that it may be due to Kimaya’s possible pregnancy. Jai and Kriti engage in a discussion about their office job.

Kriti inquires about Jai’s personal life, causing him to become more reserved. She encourages him to confess his feelings for Aradhana and even fantasizes about their future together. However, when Jai reciprocates her interest, Kriti feels disappointed as she had hoped for the same attention from Jai. Seeing them interacting, Reyansh assumes they are romantically involved and interrupts their conversation. Afterward, Kriti suggests that Reyansh pursue a relationship with Aradhana. It is evident that Kriti has set a trap for Aradhana. Malini can’t hold back her tears when she thinks about the upcoming difficulties in Kimaya’s life.

Despite Aradhana’s attempts to cheer her up, Malini’s pain reminds Aradhana of how much she had to endure for her first daughter. Malini’s warm and caring nature touches Aradhana’s heart, and she is determined to assist her in any way she can before their family is destroyed. With a solemn promise, Aradhana agrees to handle the situation and suspects that someone may be blackmailing them. She pleads with folded hands for Malini not to reveal this information. However, Malini is at a loss as to who could be behind such malicious actions. Malini urges Aradhana to reach out to Reyansh in hopes of countering any potential rumors. However, Aradhana is hesitant and when she tries to call Reyansh, he doesn’t answer. In turn, Reyansh asks Jai to speak with Aradhana. Eagerly anticipating news that could alter their lives, Reyansh waits anxiously.






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