Barsatein 6th October 2023 Written Update Reyansh Jai clash

Barsatein 6th October 2023 Written Update Reyansh Jai clash

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Barsatein 6th October 2023 Written Update Reyansh Jai clash. As Aradhana rushes to the office in the rain, she remembers Malini’s request. She knows she’ll have to make a big sacrifice for Reyansh, who loves her deeply. Inside the office, Reyansh seriously discusses the upcoming news with his team, which will be broadcast at 9 p.m. Jai playfully mocks Reyansh’s serious demeanor and then imitates him. Inwardly, Kriti blames Aradhana for causing tension between Reyansh and Jai’s relationship. Meanwhile, Aradhana hears from a staff member that Reyansh is in a room preparing to announce the news, so she hurries there. Kriti informs Reyansh and Jai about her plans to host an after-party once the news is aired on TV. After some convincing from Reyansh, Jai agrees to have one drink at the party.

As Aradhana arrives, she insists on speaking with Reyansh right away, despite his earlier request for her to change out of her wet clothes from the rain. He accompanies her and inquires about the matter at hand. She falsely claims to have told Malini that she is her daughter. Sensing her deception, Reyansh questions her further. Offering a kind gesture, he covers her with his jacket. Aradhana begs him to halt the 9 p.m. news, promising that he can ask for anything in return. This comes as a shock to Reyansh, who initially agrees but then remembers the significance of the broadcast for himself and Jai. Despite Aradhana’s plea to spare their love, Reyansh stands firm and points out how she is attempting to manipulate him with it.

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Reyansh convinces Aradhana to confide in him about her request. After some hesitation, she reveals that Kimaya and Malini have been receiving blackmail threats. Reyansh attempts to reassure Aradhana by promising to protect Kimaya’s reputation and work together to expose the blackmailer. However, despite his efforts, Aradhana remains distrustful of him and explains that she cannot let her sister experience the same suffering she went through. Refusing to give in to her pleas, Reyansh’s resolve remains unwavering. This leaves Aradhana feeling dejected. Malini contacts Aradhana and is informed of Reyansh’s choice. She implores her to take action. Aradhana resolves to persist in her efforts.

Reyansh prepares for 9 p.m., but Viren arrives and requests a halt to the news broadcast. This angers Reyansh and leads to a heated argument with Viren over his authority as the boss. Jai stands by Reyansh’s decision, which brings him joy. However, his mood quickly turns when he discovers that the news content has been altered. Jai then confesses that he was the one who made the changes. This infuriates Reyansh even more. Reyansh confronts Jai for his actions, but Jai defends himself by explaining how Aradhana asked for his help.

Despite Jai’s attempts to calm him down and explain the situation, Reyansh becomes annoyed and even tries to misbehave with Jai. Seeing this, Kriti, who has been watching from a distance, decides to stir things up even more. After some time, when Reyansh has calmed down, Jai decides to speak with him again and leaves the scene. Meanwhile, Reyansh turns to Vikram to vent his frustrations. However, Vikram scolds him for his behavior. At the same time, Kriti puts on a show in front of Akash in an attempt to impress him and seems pleased with herself for succeeding in trapping him.






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