Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2023 Written Update Preeran encounter

Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2023 Written Update Preeran encounter

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Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2023 Written Update Preeran encounter. Nidhi spots Shanaya approaching and immediately confronts her, reminding her of the previous warning to stay away from Shaurya. Shanaya’s expression shifts to one of shock and fear, drawing the attention of the Luthras who are equally taken aback by Nidhi’s abrupt outburst. Nidhi refreshes Shanaya’s memory of her previous warning to stay away from Shaurya. She yells at Shanaya for trapping Shaurya in love. She disapproves of Shaurya and Shanaya’s alliance. The Luthras witness this interaction. Meanwhile, Karan enters his room and is taken aback to find Preeta there. Shrishti and Girija quickly hide from Karan. Shanaya doesn’t care, because she gets support from the entire Luthra family. The family is keen to make Shanaya their bahu.

Shaurya becomes furious and declares to Sandy that he would never marry someone like Shanaya as she is no match for him. In a separate incident, Rajveer snaps back to reality as the concoction takes effect and he remembers everything he said to Palki abruptly. Earlier in the show, Rajveer expressed his feelings to Palki, who assumed it was due to his intoxication. Similarly, Shaurya confessed his love for Shanaya. This brought joy to the Luthra family. In the meantime, Girish gave Kadha to Shanaya before Sandy informed Shaurya about everything. Angry at Rajveer’s confession, Shaurya went downstairs and witnessed his family teasing Palki. Overwhelmed with emotions, Rakhi shared her observation of Rajveer’s genuine affection for Palki.

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Meanwhile, Shrishti spotted Preeta outside the Luthra house and pretended to faint to prevent her from entering. Her plan worked as she and Girija took Shrishti to Karan’s room. As Sandy informed Shaurya about a possible marriage between him and Shanaya, he dismissed it by stating that she was not the right match for him. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2023 Written Update Preeran encounter:

Shaurya is fuming as he sees Shanaya dozing off. As a reaction, he splashes water on her. Startled, Shanaya wakes up and questions his actions. He coldly states that he does not love her and demands to know if she understands the gravity of her actions. She recalls the events and he informs her that his family witnessed it all and are thrilled. He urges her to clarify to his family that there is no romantic involvement between them. She reminds him of his previous declaration of love for her but he confesses that it was only said out of concern when she was under the influence.

She apologizes to him, but he refuses to accept her apology. Instead, he demands that she fix the miscommunication within his family. She exits the room with a laugh, realizing this is the perfect opportunity to manipulate the Luthras and not reveal her true feelings for Shaurya. She devises a plan to win over the Luthras and ensure Shaurya doesn’t hinder her from achieving her goal. With an idea in mind, she heads downstairs. Palki spots Shanaya and worries about her reaction upon learning about Rajveer’s proposal. Nidhi reminds her that she had warned Palki to steer clear of Shaurya.

Puzzled, Palki asks why Nidhi did what she did. Karan interjects, reminding Nidhi to mind her tone when speaking with Shanaya. However, Nidhi persists, stating that Shaurya is a celebrity and it would be impossible for middle-class Shanaya to enter his life. Rishabh questions her decision-making authority and asserts that it is the family elders who will make decisions. Kareena cautions Nidhi against overreacting while Dadi advises her to refrain from discussing social class and avoid insulting Shanaya. Karan reprimands Nidhi for belittling shanaya’s worth.

As Rajveer arrives, Nidhi voices her opposition to Shaurya marrying Shanaya solely based on Shanaya’s proposal. Rakhi intervenes, reminding Nidhi that Shaurya’s mother also came from a middle-class background. Drawing a comparison to Preeta, Rakhi explains her desire for Palki to marry Shaurya. She also expresses joy in the fact that Rajveer shares similarities with her grandson. Shanaya believes the Luthras are supportive of her and that she can transform into Shanaya Luthra by appearing naive. She expresses remorse to them, taking full responsibility for her actions. She pleads with them not to reprimand Shaurya, as he does not desire this and is not mentally prepared for it.

She acknowledges Nidhi’s correctness and admits that she cannot compete with the Luthras due to her middle-class background. Rakhi assures Shanaya of their fondness for her, embracing her and offering blessings. Kareena gently places Palki’s hand on top of Rajveer’s, offering her blessings. The Luthras applaud the newlyweds. Karan suddenly remembers his video conference call and hurries off to his room. Girija is taken aback by this news and quickly alerts Preeta and Srishti to hide before Karan arrives. They duck behind the door just in time as Karan enters with a smile upon seeing Preeta.

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