Kundali Bhagya 12th October 2023 Written Update Surprised Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 12th October 2023 Written Update Surprised Preeta

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Kundali Bhagya 12th October 2023 Written Update Surprised Preeta. Karan introduces the family to Preeta. He asks her if she remembers anything after seeing their family. Preeta tries to recollect her life’s past moments. She goes blank. Nidhi gets scared until Preeta states that she doesn’t remember anything about her past. The Luthras are in disbelief over her statement. Reacting to her words, Karan tries to help her recollect. She says that she doesn’t know any of them. Shrishti and Rajveer arrive there. The Luthras get to see Shrishti after many years. They are happily surprised. Karan questions Preeta if she doesn’t know the family. He tells her that she is the root of the family and she can’t forget them. He adds that Rakhi used to treat Preeta like her daughter. He wonders how can she forget everything.

He reminds their strong bonding. He says that they got married and they had a relationship of love. Rakhi sees Preeta and asks her did she came back for real. She can’t believe that her Preeta is back. Having said that, she embraces Preeta with love. She introduces herself as Preeta’s Rakhi Maa. She asks Preeta to recollect their bonding. She mentions how much she missed Preeta all these years. She says that Matarani has accepted her prayer and sent back Preeta. She feels Preeta has come as an answer to her hopeful prayers. Preeta is clueless when everyone shows affection towards her. Bani tells Preeta that she is deeply hurt and annoyed with Preeta who broke her heart by going away. She asks Preeta why did she go away from the family. Preeta struggles to recollect her roots.

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Bani says that she loves Preeta a lot and can’t forget her ever. She hugs Preeta and weeps. Kareena asks Preeta if she remembers her. She expresses her feelings to Preeta. Shrishti is angered remembering how the Luthras ousted Preeta. Kareena apologizes to Preeta for badmouthing her. She asks Preeta if she has punished the family. She says that she has a right to scold Preeta, but never thought Preeta would leave them forever. Mahesh comes into the scene. He tells Preeta that she can at least recognize him. He says that she used to call him Papa. He asks how can she forget their pure relationship of a father-daughter. He adds that they were good friends. He asks her if she doesn’t remember anything. Preeta apologizes to them. She says that she doesn’t remember anything about them.

She can connect to their emotions, but not understand anything. She denies the relationships. Karan tells Preeta that they know her, they love her a lot and they used to cry in her memory. He asks her to see everyone’s joy on their faces. He admits that he loves her a lot and his love has no limit. He names his love as Preeta. He asks her if she doesn’t remember him. Preeta says that she knows him, but doesn’t remember him. She says that she just knows Nidhi. Nidhi starts to panic. The Luthras are puzzled by Preeta’s revelation. Preeta tells them that Nidhi is a bad woman who tried to kill her. She reveals to them that she got to know the reason why Nidhi hates her. She tells that Nidhi thinks Karan loves her/Preeta, so she wants to kill her. Karan, Rishabh, and the entire family are disheartened to know this.

Preeta asks Karan how can he love her when he is married to someone else. Karan clarifies that he is only married to Preeta. Preeta turns dizzy. She denies everything. Shrishti asks Preeta not to clarify anything to them. She blames them for hurting Preeta. She says that they have snatched Preeta’s children, insulted her, and ousted her from the house. She calls Karan a cheater. She tells that he never supports Preeta. She adds that Anjali ruined Preeta’s life, and despite that the Luthras have accepted Nidhi in the family. She asks them to remember Nidhi’s deeds. She doesn’t forget how they have thrown Preeta out of their lives. She doesn’t care about Karan. She tells that Preeta has always loved the family, who didn’t deserve her at all. She vents her anger on the Luthras, while Rajveer watches the drama. Preeta asks Rajveer to take her home. She doesn’t want to stay back for a minute.

Meanwhile, Shaurya arrives there and asks what’s going on. He meets Preeta. He asks her how she came. He goes to greet Preeta by touching her feet. Nidhi comes in between and stops Shaurya. She tells him that Preeta isn’t his mother. She shouts that she is his mother. Shaurya learns that Rajveer’s Maasi is his own mother, Preeta. Rishabh tells Shaurya that Preeta is Karan’s wife and Shaurya’s mother. Shrishti learns that Shaurya is Karan and Preeta’s son. Rishabh tells that Preeta has given birth to Shaurya. Preeta and Shaurya are shocked. Rishabh asks Preeta did she thinks that Shaurya is Nidhi’s son. He says that Shaurya is her son. Preeta gets emotional. Nidhi shouts that she is Shaurya’s mother. She tells that when Preeta was raising Rajveer, Shaurya had no one.

Claiming her efforts in raising Shaurya, she declares that she is Shaurya’s mother. Preeta tells that Nidhi couldn’t give good values to Shaurya. She taunts that Nidhi doesn’t have good values. She tells that Shaurya needs love, he needs a mother, Nidhi couldn’t become his mother and failed to make him a good person. In response to Nidhi, she shouts that she is Shaurya’s mother. Rajveer asks Preeta to come with him. Nidhi asks Preeta not to come back to the family. She tells that she deserves to stay with the family, because she made many sacrifices for them. She begs Preeta to not snatch her family. Shrishti asks her to keep her relationships. She warns Nidhi against harming Preeta. Preeta tells that Nidhi is right on her front. She is grateful to Nidhi for taking care of Shaurya. She steps back to give the family to Nidhi.

She decides to leave her family. She tells that she will give the family to Nidhi. Karan asks her if he matters to her or not. He tells that he compelled Preeta to come with him. Preeta tells that she doesn’t know Karan. She just knows Shaurya. She tells that she always felt Shaurya is her son. She loves Shaurya as much as she loves Rajveer. Rishabh finally speaks up and asks if Preeta doesn’t know him. He adds that Karan loves her a lot. Karan gets angered and refuses to love Preeta. Shrishti knows that Karan doesn’t love Preeta. Karan asks her to stay out of it. He asks Preeta if she trusts his word. Preeta tells that he is angry which means he doesn’t love her. He rebukes her for leaving the family. He tells that he was madly searching for her. He admits his feelings to Preeta. He is hurt that she never came back to him. He asks her to feel his heartbeat and asks if she can feel his love.






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