Radha Mohan New Promo 13th October 2023 Update

Radha Mohan New Promo 13th October 2023 Update

Radha Mohan New Promo 13th October 2023 Update Mohan and Radha bring Gungun to the hospital and inform the doctor about her accident. The worried parents are reassured by the doctor that he will take good care of Gungun. As the doctor attends to Gungun, he reveals that she has lost a lot of blood and sustained severe injuries. She is immediately transferred to the ICU, but Radha’s attempt to enter is stopped by a nurse who asks her to wait outside. Meanwhile, the Trivedi family is gathered in prayer when suddenly the diya goes off, followed by Tulsi screaming as windows and doors shut forcefully and vases break. Everyone is startled by this occurrence, with Rameshwar suggesting it could be a ghost, while Kadambari dismisses such beliefs, claiming it’s just a result of the storm outside. Meanwhile, Tulsi fears for Gungun’s safety.

Ketki answers Mohan’s call and is shocked to hear about Gungun’s accident. She drops the phone in disbelief. Kadambari asks her what happened and she shares the news of Gungun’s accident. Everyone is stunned by this revelation. Tulsi breaks down in tears. The family rushes to the hospital, except for Kadambari who stays behind. She tries to calm Tulsi down, but Mohan notices blood on his hand and is reminded of the accident. Radha asks him if Gungun will be okay, but he remains silent. She urges him to speak up, as he shows her the blood on his hand and tells her that it belongs to Gungun, who is fighting for her life. He screams out Gungun’s name in anguish. Radha tries to console him, assuring him that she will recover. They approach a nurse to inquire about Gungun’s condition, who informs them that she is in critical condition before leaving. Through a door, Mohan and Radha catch a glimpse of Gungun and are filled with memories of their time together with her. Tulsi tearfully confides in Kadambari about her inability to help Gungun. Kadambari reassures Tulsi that a mother would do anything for her child, no matter how difficult the situation. She understands that Radha must be blaming herself for Gungun’s condition and urges Tulsi to be a source of strength for her during this trying time.


Kadambari also acknowledges Mohan’s agony as he had been solely devoted to Gungun after Tulsi’s demise. She emphasizes that Gungun needs both Radha and Tulsi now. Realizing the truth in Kadambari’s words, Tulsi makes the decision to visit Gungun and leaves with determination. Meanwhile, Mohan expresses his self-doubt and guilt to Radha, regretting his inability to protect their daughter. He feels like he has failed as a parent. In response, Radha blames herself for not being able to take care of Gungun properly as she is only a stepmother. Overcome with emotion, she breaks down in tears.


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