YRKKH Upcoming Manjiri Shocking demand shatters Akshara

YRKKH Upcoming Manjiri Shocking demand shatters Akshara

YRKKH Upcoming Manjiri Shocking demand shatters Akshara. Abhimanyu receives a call from Manish, who has planned a ritual for Akshara’s pregnancy and wants to invite them all. After informing Manjiri about the invite, Akshara also arrives and announces that she has something important to share with both families. At the temple, Abhimanyu reminds Manjiri about her news for Akshara. However, before she can speak, Akshara shares her desire to marry Abhimanyu and raise their children together. This news brings joy to Abhimanyu and the Goenkas, but Manjiri appears conflicted.

Manish prepares to unite Akshara and Abhimanyu’s hands, but Manjiri intervenes, expressing her disapproval of Akshara’s condition due to her discomfort with the child. Abhimanyu defends their decision, stating that they have already discussed it at home. In response, Akshara reminds Manjiri that they are ready to take on the responsibility of raising the child, so why is she objecting? Manjiri retorts that while they can become parents as they please, they should not speak of marriage because she cannot distinguish between a daughter-in-law or a parent. She also reminds Akshara of her promise to give her all to this marriage, but with Abhinav’s child around, she may struggle to fulfill it.


Akshara and Abhimanyu have committed to make their relationship work, as they have promised each other. However, Manjiri points out that despite talking about trying for so many years, they seem to have forgotten the outcomes of their efforts in the past. She brings up Akshara and Abhimanyu’s history together and how it has shaped them as individuals. Aware of Akshara’s decision to bring a child into the equation, Manjiri expresses concern that this may disrupt the balance they have finally found with each other. Drawing from her own experiences, she reminds them that while they can all be a happy family, having a child may only complicate their dynamic even further.

Pandit Ji urges for a parent to step forward to carry out the ritual. Abhimanyu gives a sign to Akshara, but Manjiri intervenes and prevents him from performing the ritual. He insists on standing beside Akshara in reverence, but Manjiri warns him that he will regret it if he follows through. Abhimanyu declares that being with Akshara is what brings him happiness and tries to move forward, yet she addresses Pandit Ji as both the mother and father of the child. These words from Akshara leave Abhimanyu stunned while others show disappointment.

In anger, Manjiri storms out of the temple while Abhimanyu tells his family he needs to speak with Akshara. However, she insists that he leave since his mother needs him at this moment. Abhimanyu follows Manjiri and confronts her about prioritizing her stubbornness over his happiness. She explains that she only wants what is best for him and cannot let him make a wrong decision. Abhimanyu insists that both he and Akshara are capable of determining their happiness, and if Manjiri truly cares for his well-being, she should also accept Akshara’s child. Despite this, Manjiri remains resolute in her belief that the child will only bring trouble for Abhimanyu. Abhir overhears their conversation and becomes upset.

Upon noticing Ruhi alone, Akshara approaches her to inquire about Abhir’s whereabouts. Ruhi explains that he is by the car and refuses to join them upstairs. Confused, Akshara goes to talk to Abhir who is requesting their driver to take him home. She questions if he is angry with her when he accuses her of being deceitful for not marrying Abhimanyu. Akshara tries to explain the complicated situation but Abhir insists she fulfill his wish for a complete family. In anger, he storms off when she tells him she is doing her best. Witnessing this, Manjiri decides to follow Abhir but Mahima suggests they let Akshara handle it. Later on, Akshara manages to make Abhir smile and asks for his patience. Meanwhile, Manjiri tells Mahima that for the sake of both Abhimanyu and Abhir, Akshara should give up her baby.


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