Anupama 14th October 2023 Written Update Kavya’s news

Anupama 14th October 2023 Written Update Kavya's news

Anupama 14th October 2023 Written Update Kavya’s news. Anuj explains to Anupama that she has not consumed anything throughout the day and attempts to offer her food. However, Anupama averts her gaze, causing him to feel emotional. Despite this, he remains composed and assures her that he will not pressure her into eating. Afterward, Anuj brings up their relationship and expresses his concern over the state it has taken, with Anupama avoiding direct communication with him. As Anupama grieves with closed eyes, Anuj assures her that he is not at fault for Samar’s death. He asks her for guidance on how to make things right. Anuj then reveals his plan to distance himself from her.

However, Anupama confesses that she cannot view Anuj in the same light anymore. His voice and presence only bring the painful reminder of their late son, making it too difficult for her to bear. As Anuj reaches out to Anupama emotionally, she pulls away and exits the room. Suddenly, Malti Devi enters and affectionately touches Anuj’s head, causing him to break down in tears on her lap. Malti Devi assures him that she will handle the situation with Anupama and convince Samar’s mother this time. Anupama is relieved to see them making progress but grows quiet when Malti Devi brings up Samar’s death.


Malti Devi acknowledges that Anuj is not at fault, to which Anupama confirms that she never blamed him. Anupama, overwhelmed with sadness, excuses herself from the room. At that moment, Kavya arrives home weeping and in pain. Vanraj is taken aback by her condition. Through sobs, Kavya explains how she was threatened and thrown out of a vehicle by men working for Suresh. This frightens Kinjal, who clutches Pari protectively. Hasmukh urges caution and reminds everyone not to venture out alone.

Despite this warning, Kinjal fears for the safety of her loved ones and confides in Toshu that they should not antagonize those capable of taking lives without hesitation. Toshu argues about seeking justice for Samar but falls silent when Kinjal questions his ability to protect their family from these ruthless individuals. Anuj is lost in thought when Malti Devi enters the room and reassures him that he is not to blame for the current situation. She predicts that Anupama, who is struggling with her emotions, will eventually forgive him. The following day, Vanraj wants Toshu to accompany him to the police station, but Toshu and Kinjal refuse, citing their concern for the safety of their loved ones.

They love Samar dearly, but cannot risk their family’s well-being. Vanraj questions Toshu’s loyalty to his brother, but Toshu explains that he is prioritizing the safety of his family. Dimple asks Kinjal what caused this change in her behavior, and Kinjal reveals that she is afraid for her daughter, husband, and other family members who could be in danger. Leela sides with Kinjal, leaving Vanraj surprised as one of the key witnesses in the case seemed to slip away from his grasp.


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