Barsatein Upcoming Magical love Reyansh Aradhna to reconcile

Barsatein Upcoming Magical love Reyansh Aradhna to reconcile

Barsatein Upcoming Magical love Reyansh Aradhna to reconcile. Aradhana enters the clinic and comforts Kimaya, who expresses her weakness in bringing the baby into the world. Reyansh, suspicious, takes a report from Aradhana’s bag and mistakenly assumes she is pregnant. She continues to offer maternal support to Kimaya, using the example of her biological mother who gave her life. Kriti then informs Malini that Aradhana took Kimaya to a low-budget hospital. Upon hearing this, Malini rushes to the hospital and embraces Kimaya while scolding Aradhana for meddling in her life and taking her to an untrustworthy doctor.

Despite Aradhana’s attempts to defend herself, Malini cuts her off and assures Kimaya that she is not alone in this as she has a mother. Just then, Reyansh appears and mocks Aradhana for being pregnant, asking about the father of the baby. Aradhana becomes frustrated and strikes him in the face. Reyansh grasps Aradhana’s hand, urging her to cease her tears as she must disclose the truth to him. However, Aradhana attempts to break free from his grip, shouting at him for already knowing every detail of everyone’s life. This causes Reyansh to feel terrible for accusing her of being pregnant and moving on with someone else. Suddenly, he notices the absence of sound in her voice and remarks that striking him won’t alter the truth. Aradhana then experiences a flood of emotions and collapses into his embrace. She weeps uncontrollably while clinging onto Reyansh, prompting him to gently caress her hair and encourage her to release all her pent-up feelings. Aradhana struggles to speak through her tears as Reyansh quickly brings her a glass of water.


She eventually opens up about Kimaya’s pregnancy and Reyansh listens attentively, agreeing that they should not urge her to have an abortion. Aradhana also confides in him about Malini’s disapproval of Aradhana’s involvement in her daughter’s life. However, Reyansh reassures her that no one could dislike her. The next day, Aradhana subtly praises Jai for being a good influence on his friend and is pleased to see Reyansh truly changing for the better. Will Jai finally confess his feelings to Aradhana? Keep reading.


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