Anupama Dangerous twists lined for Vanraj Anupama

Anupama Dangerous twists lined for Vanraj Anupama

Anupama Dangerous twists lined for Vanraj Anupama. Vanraj appears at the door, clapping for Pakhi and Paritosh who have proven that love can transcend blood ties even in death. Anupama urges Pakhi to reconsider her actions, accusing her of cowardice. Pakhi admits to being practical, standing firm in her decision. Without further discussion, Anupama declares they are alone in this battle and departs from the house. Kavya attempts to reason with Kinjal but their conversation quickly escalates into an argument, resulting in Kavya and Dimple distancing themselves from Kinjal. At the police station, the inspector is astonished by the news of Paritosh and Adhik’s involvement, until Anuj arrives and offers to give his statement.

Upon seeing Anuj, Anupama’s face lights up as they return to the Shah household without anyone bothering to offer Anuj a glass of water. Dimple steps in, giving Anuj water and admitting that she now realizes he is not responsible for Samar’s death, thanking him for his help. Paritosh remarks that their enemy is greater than themselves, which angers Vanraj, who points out that Anuj accompanied them and gave his statement. Vanraj urges Paritosh to remain calm and trust in their ability to handle the situation independently. However, moments later, he suddenly becomes lightheaded and falls to the ground, causing shock among everyone present.


The sight of Vanraj collapsing onto the floor shocks everyone. Anupama and others rush to his side and transport him to his bed. Leela bursts into tears upon seeing Vanraj’s state. Without delay, Anuj contacts the doctor and requests immediate assistance from the Shah household. Anupama grabs some water and splashes it on Vanraj’s face, causing him to regain consciousness after a few moments. As he weakly opens his eyes, he sees everyone around him, wearing concerned expressions. The doctor arrives, and Anuj guides them to Vanraj’s room for an examination. After assessing the situation, the doctor reveals that Vanraj’s blood pressure is dangerously low due to poor eating habits. He urges him to maintain a healthy diet and take better care of himself.


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