Kumkum Bhagya 16th October 2023 Written Update Prachi targeted

Kumkum Bhagya 16th October 2023 Written Update Prachi targeted

Kumkum Bhagya 16th October 2023 Written Update Prachi targeted. Mihika approaches Akshay, questioning his decision to let Ranbir stay. He explains that he had no choice, as the rest of the family was against him. Mihika expresses her desire for Ranbir to go back home, so she can take care of him and Prachi can stay away from him. Akshay agrees and tells Mihika that he needs time to figure out his next move. He asks her to give him some space and promises to share his plan with her in the future. Mihika insists on being kept in the loop, and Akshay promises to do the same for her. Ashok overhears their conversation and immediately contacts the doctor. He explains that he has observed similar symptoms as before. The doctor advises Ashok not to worry them and suggests that they may have to send Akshay and Mihika to their previous place of treatment from 7 years ago. Manpreet inquires about the doctor’s response, to which Ashok relays the information about Mihika and Akshay.

In a conversation with Mihika, Akshay unveils a startling revelation about their mother Manpreet. He claims that Manpreet’s affection knows no bounds; she loves everyone immensely but harbors special sentiments for Ranbir and Prachi. He says that Ranbir holds a significant place in Manpreet’s heart while Prachi is cherished even more dearly than her children. This intriguing insight leaves us wondering about the depth of these connections and the countless layers yet to be uncovered. Meanwhile, overwhelmed by her insecurities and feelings of unworthiness as a mother figure, Mihika confronts Manpreet with an unexpected statement – “Manpreet doesn’t deserve to be called a mother.” This heartfelt confession takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride as we ponder upon the reasons behind such self-doubt and what it means for their relationships moving forward.


As tension thickens within this intricate tale, Mihika’s actions take an alarming turn. She decides to tamper with the gas connection while Divya keeps watchful eyes on her. What could drive someone to resort to such extreme measures? Are there underlying motives or hidden secrets waiting to unravel? Keep reading.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th October 2023 Written Update Prachi targeted:

Mihika pushes Prachi away and asks Ranbir if is he okay. Ashok asks Mihika to listen to him. He takes Mihika with him. Ranbir tells them that he is okay, he is allergic to chili spice, and it’s not Prachi’s fault. He asks Prachi to relax. Prachi gets sad and walks away. Ashok asks Mihika why is she creating problems for everyone. She tells that she will speak up when Prachi harms Ranbir. He asks her not to speak ill about Prachi. She asks him how can he defend Prachi. Manpreet tells that she should speak with manners. Mihika misbehaves with her parents. Ashok asks Manpreet to explain Mihika. Manpreet asks Mihika to lower her tone. Mihika tells that she will not spare Prachi, who wants to snatch Ranbir.

Manpreet tells that Prachi will die, but never cross the limits. She asks her to accept Ranbir and Prachi’s past. She reminds that Ranbir and Prachi love Khushi a lot. Mihika asks her to support her daughter, instead of Prachi. Akshay asks Mihika to understand, that Manpreet can love anyone except her children. He taunts Manpreet for leaving them alone in their childhood. He accuses his mother of making them lead an orphaned life. He asks Manpreet if she felt bad. He apologizes to her. Manpreet cries. He walks away, while Mihika rebukes Manpreet for failing to be a good mother. Manpreet weeps. Prachi watches Mihika insulting Manpreet and tagging her as a bad mother.

Mihika wishes Manpreet loved her children instead of Prachi and Ranbir. She says that Manpreet loves Prachi over her own daughter. She asks Manpreet to make Prachi her daughter. She refuses to accept Manpreet as her mother. She goes in anger. Prachi tries to console Manpreet, who hides her tears. Manpreet knows Prachi has overheard everything. Prachi apologizes to her. She tells that Manpreet is very important to her. Manpreet gets emotional when Prachi tells that she got married to Akshay to get a loving family. She sees her father in Ashok and her mother in Manpreet. She praises Ashok, who has saved her life. She is glad to have such a loving family. She knows Manpreet loves her a lot.

Ranbir finds them sharing a cute moment. He hugs them and tells them that he doesn’t care about Akshay, who dislikes their bonding. Manpreet feels happy. Mihika angrily ruins her entire room and weeps. Divya reaches her. Mihika tells that everyone supports Prachi, Ranbir is always with Prachi, and even Akshay is on Prachi’s side. She feels nobody cares for her. She thinks of dying when she is so unwanted. She goes to jump down the window. Divya stops her from making a wrong move. She asks Mihika not to harm herself. She says that Prachi will die and then Mihika will get Ranbir. She promises to always support Mihika. Mihika asks how will Prachi die. Divya devises a plan to kill Prachi in the cylinder blast.

Mihika likes her plan. She tells that they will fool Prachi and send her to the kitchen. She asks Divya to help her. Divya agrees to execute the plan. She asks Mihika to calm down. Ranbir asks Akshay how did he change overnight. Akshay says that he got Ranbir arrested because of a misunderstanding, and now he got to know the truth. Ashok is glad that Akshay has changed for good. Akshay makes a hearty apology to Ranbir. Ranbir asks Akshay to confess the truth. He can’t accept the change. Akshay tells that Prachi means a lot to him, Ranbir has saved her life and for that, he is very grateful.

Ranbir goes to attend a work call. Akshay hides his true intentions. Mihika tampers the cylinder’s pipe. She switches on the gas supply. Divya stays outside to keep a watch. Mihika goes to her and tells that she has done the needful. Ashok is worried about Prachi. Manpreet pacifies him. Ashok tells that they are failing to handle their children. She asks him not to take stress and leave things to fate. She is sure that their children will become sensible soon. He regrets to say that their children aren’t dependable. Vishaka finds Ashok tense. She shares his problems. He tells that both Akshay and Mihika are making big blunders. Vishaka asks him to stop worrying.

He tells that Mihika wants Ranbir and Akshay wants Prachi, but Ranbir and Prachi aren’t anything to grab. He reminds them how Mihika has accused Prachi of harming Ranbir. He can’t tolerate any nonsense further. A disturbing call leaves him upset. Manpreet asks Vishaka to explain to Mihika and Akshay. She seeks Vishaka’s help. She reveals what Mihika and Akshay told her. She tells that they respect Vishaka, who raised them. Vishaka tells that they don’t respect her, but just depend on her. She admits her mistake. She tells Manpreet that Mihika had failed the car brakes in an attempt to kill Prachi, Akshay is aware of this truth and still Akshay got Ranbir arrested. She is afraid of seeing the turn of events.

She says that she doesn’t know how to stop Mihika and Akshay. Mihika asks Divya how she got this idea. Divya reminds the past incident. Divya apologizes for mentioning the past. Mihika freezes. Divya asks her if she is okay. Mihika responds with a yes. Divya asks her if they should execute the plan. Mihika nods. Divya goes to Prachi and asks her to make food for Manpreet. Prachi agrees. Divya tells Mihika that Prachi is going to the kitchen. Mihika is glad that Prachi didn’t doubt Divya. Prachi heads to the kitchen. Mihika wants to see her dying.


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