Kundali Bhagya 16th October 2023 Written Update Preeta’s kidnapping

Kundali Bhagya 16th October 2023 Written Update Preeta's kidnapping

Kundali Bhagya 16th October 2023 Written Update Preeta’s kidnapping. As seen in the show, Karan poured his heart out to Preeta, telling her how incomplete and loveless his life was without her. Overcome with emotion, Preeta embraced him. The Luthra family joined in the hug, but it turned out to be Nidhi’s dream. Fearing that she would lose her position if Preeta returned, Nidhi called someone for help. Daljeet then shared the news of Shanaya and Shaurya’s impending marriage with Preeta and others, who were all elated by the news. However, Rajveer objected to the marriage, calling Shaurya a bad person. Daljeet revealed that Rajveer loves Shanaya and is against the marriage for Palki’s sake. Preeta defended Shaurya and scolded Rajveer for speaking ill of him. Daljeet assured everyone that she would support her daughter’s love no matter what. Karan informed Pratham that despite trying multiple times, they were unable to meet Preeta at the Luthra house or at Rajveer’s place where they thought she might be staying. Shrishti urged Rajveer to confess his feelings for Palki.

Ahead in the show, Nidhi leads Preeta to the goons, hoping to execute her meticulously crafted plan. However, fate has a way of throwing unexpected twists into even the most foolproof schemes. As they approach the dangerous criminals, something catches their attention – Shrishti standing confidently alongside Preeta, donning an outfit of the same color. Little did Nidhi anticipate that this seemingly harmless coincidence could potentially jeopardize everything she had worked so hard for. The goons’ confusion over Shrishti’s attire raises questions about their ability to differentiate between two individuals who look strikingly similar.


Will Nidhi be able to salvage her plan and convince them that there is no connection between Preeta and Shrishti? Or will this blunder prove costly and expose her true intentions? Meanwhile, amidst all the chaos surrounding Nidhi’s scheme, Rajveer finds himself inexplicably drawn towards Palki’s enigmatic persona. Seeking answers to his growing curiosity, he subtly probes about her relationship status. However, Palki astutely questions his underlying motives behind such inquiries.

Kundali Bhagya 16th October 2023 Written Update Preeta’s kidnapping:

Shrishti asks Rajveer to tell his feelings to Palki. She talks about her incomplete life. She wants Rajveer’s life to be complete. She tells that he shouldn’t delay any more. He makes an excuse and gets up. He gets hurt by the sofa edge. Shrishti worries about his knee and checks if there is any sprain. He tells that he has grown up and he can take care of himself. She teases him about Palki. She says that once Palki comes into their house, she will take care of him. She asks him to let her talk to Preeta about Palki and his marriage. She is sure that Palki will always stand by Rajveer.

She has seen Palki’s love in her eyes. He feels blushing on hearing about his love story. He goes away. Mohit tells Gurpreet that he doesn’t want to visit the neighbors. She tells that she will also look for a girl for her son. On the other side, Karan shows Preeta’s house to Pratham. He says that he feels Preeta stays there, but he has one percent doubt, his heart testifies to her presence in the house, but he never met her there. He can’t be 100 percent sure that she lives there. He doesn’t want things to get awkward. Pratham tells that he will go and check. Nidhi keeps an eye on them. Karan stops Pratham. Pratham tells that it’s his duty to find Preeta, and he will bring her in front of Karan.

Karan asks him not to enter the house until he gets the doubt confirmed. Nidhi is stressed seeing Preeta walking in the lane, and that too coming towards Karan. She prays that Karan and Preeta don’t meet. Preeta passes by Karan. Karan feels her presence. Nidhi hides from Preeta. Karan is lost. Pratham asks him what’s the matter. Karan asks him to remember his promise and bring Preeta in front of him. Pratham promises to do the task within the deadlines. Karan is grateful to him. Nidhi watches them from afar. She tells that she has to end Preeta’s game. She hires someone to get Preeta killed.

Shaurya and Sandy visit Daljeet’s house to meet Shanaya. She welcomes Shaurya with much warmth. He tells that he has come to meet Shanaya. She asks about his family members. She tells that she was expecting his family to talk about the alliance. Daljeet calls Shanaya there. Shanaya greets Shaurya. He tells that he wants to talk to her in private. Daljeet asks them to go to the kitchen and have a talk. Sandy asks about Palki. Daljeet asks him to keep calm. Nidhi watches Preeta. She stays hidden. Preeta doesn’t see her. She meets the goons and tells them that they have to kidnap a lady. They ask her to show Preeta to them, so that they don’t make a mistake. She shows Preeta to them, but they get confused between Preeta and Shrishti.

Preeta, Gurpreet and Shrishti rush to some neighbors’ house. Nidhi tells that Preeta will be going forever. Rajveer tells that he will come in the function directly. He goes for his work. He compliments Preeta and Shrishti. Shrishti asks Mohit to come along. Preeta and Shrishti swap their dupattas. Gurpreet and Mohit go ahead, while Preeta and Shrishti get late. Shanaya asks Shaurya why was he in a hurry to talk to her. She asks if she is so important to him. He rebukes her for smiling after putting him in a big problem. She asks him what’s the problem. He apologizes for getting hyper. He tells that he can’t accept nonsense. He complains to her about Palki, who doesn’t deter from lecturing him.

She asks him to relax. She assures that she will talk to Palki. He is angry on her for influencing his family and making them fix his marriage. He asks her to stop acting innocent. She makes an excuse and goes to speak to Daljeet. Daljeet asks her if Shaurya isn’t talking anything romantic. Shanaya tells that Shaurya is upset with her. Daljeet asks her to forget everything, and focus on Shaurya. Shaurya comes out and tells that his conversation with Shanaya didn’t end. Daljeet asks them to continue. She is happy to make the neighbors jealous. Sandy asks for Shaurya. She tells that Shaurya has come to talk to Shanaya. She asks him not to disturb them. Preeta and Shrishti attend the Mu Dikhai function at the neighbor’s place. Mohit tells that he wants to go home. Shrishti asks him to stay. The kidnappers reach there to kidnap Preeta.

They see Shrishti wearing Preeta’s dupatta. They get mistaken. They try to spike the drink. Palki reaches Gurpreet’s house. She meets Rajveer. They have a cute moment. She asks if there is anyone at home or not. She doesn’t want to sound wrong. She tells that she will come later. Rajveer stops her. He asks her if there is anyone in her life, if she loves someone, if she has any boyfriend. She asks why is he asking. He tells that she is very sweet and pretty, and anyone would love her. She tells that she doesn’t have any boyfriend. He gets relieved. She drops her phone. They sit to pick the phone and bump their heads. He apologizes to her. They have a laugh. He holds her hand with love. He gives her phone. They have an eyelock.


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