Parineetii 16th October 2023 Upcoming Parineet loves Rajeev

Parineetii 16th October 2023 Upcoming Parineet loves Rajeev

Parineetii 16th October 2023 Upcoming Parineet loves Rajeev. Sanju is seen applying ointment to Parineet’s wound. Curious, Neeti questions the duo about their private encounter. Both Sanju and Parineet are taken aback by her inquiry, but Parminder steps in to explain the situation. Meanwhile, Daljeet meets with a lawyer and falsely claims that Parminder had plotted to transfer her property without notifying him. He then requests the necessary documents to make this happen. In another instance, Neeti misunderstands Parineet’s motives and sternly warns her to stay away from Sanju and her room. She cautions her against entering again in the future.

Later on, Daljeet feigns remorse as he apologizes to Parminder and deceives her into believing that he needs her signature to build a temple in honor of their grandfather. Neeti cautions Parineet to steer clear of Sanju. Parineet reassures her about it. Daljeet inquires if Parminder is still angry with him? Despite his apology, she ignores him and expresses how much it pains her to see their children suffering. It’s even more painful for her than it is for him. He recalls crying on that day and asking for her forgiveness, suggesting they start over from the beginning. He also mentions his plans to build a temple for their grandpa, which brings joy to Parminder who commends him.


He then asks her to sign an agreement and later meets with Gurinder, admiring the decorations and asking if they ever celebrated her birthday in such a way. Gurinder denies it and advises him not to dwell on the matter. However, Daljeet reminds her of everything he has done for the house, without receiving anything in return. He gives her a puzzle as a hint that he intends to receive his rightful share. Bebe notices this conversation and voices her suspicions to Gurinder that Daljeet is up to something. Meanwhile, Sanju receives a call from the doctor and shares it with Gurinder who questions why he’s being extra caring towards Parineet. Chandrika inquires whether Parineet does not have feelings for Rajeev. Parineet confirms that she has loved Rajeev since the day they first met. Later, Neeti asks Sanju if he plans on leaving her hand, but suggests that he do it immediately instead. It is then that Neeti spots Shambu at the party.


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