Barsatein 17th October 2023 Written Update Confusion

Barsatein 17th October 2023 Written Update Confusion

Barsatein 17th October 2023 Written Update Confusion. Aradhana stepped in to help Kimaya conceal her pregnancy by using her name at the hospital. However, when Reyansh discovered the truth, he confronted Aradhana. His persistent questioning about the father of Kimaya’s child angered Aradhana, leading her to slap him multiple times. But things took a surprising turn when Reyansh revealed that he had never doubted Aradhana and was a changed man, thanks to someone who had influenced him. Overcome with emotion, Aradhana hugged Reyansh and apologized for her outburst. She couldn’t believe that he had been suspicious of her actions regarding Kimaya’s pregnancy. While comforting each other, they were joined by Jai, whom Aradhana greeted with sweets and words of praise for his kindness.

Meanwhile, Kiki convinced Reyansh to hold off on revealing their relationship until the time was right. Amid all this drama, Jai brought Aradhana along to visit a house where he planned to propose to her. Little did they know that Kiki and Reyansh would show up as well, purposely keeping the misunderstanding between them unresolved.


At the party, Aradhna and Reyansh are set to dance. Viren is in for a surprise when he views a video, while Vivek excitedly shares news over the phone with Kadambari about Reyansh’s upcoming marriage meeting. However, things take an unexpected turn as Reyansh interrupts Aradhna for a romantic moment. Malini witnesses this with shock and leaves us wondering what will unfold next. Can KiKi’s interference resolve the confusion between Jai, Aradhna, and Reyansh?

Barsatein 17th October 2023 Written Update Confusion:

Reyansh expresses to Malini that any decent man, himself included, would gladly marry Kimaya. He mentions having thoughts about his family, particularly Aradhna, Kimaya, and Sunaina. Emphasizing that Kimaya is facing a difficult time, he asks for Malini’s support. Excusing himself as Viren calls him, Reyansh heads off to meet him. Kimaya pleads with Malini to spare Aradhna from punishment, but Malini storms off in anger. Aradhna embraces Kimaya and receives an apology from her. Aradhna asserts that Malini is her mother and therefore entitled to get angry. She then departs. Reyansh intercepts her and playfully asks her to feed him something as a reward for his praise in front of Malini.

Aradhna questions how Reyansh can simultaneously be nice and annoying. Reyansh jokingly claims it as his talent, to which Aradhna responds with a dismissive comment before walking away again. The following day, Viren announces Malini’s birthday and invites her to join him on stage. She complies when he insists, and Viren requests some music to start dancing with his daughters. Reyansh and Aradhna also join in, followed by Jai. However, Kriti becomes upset upon seeing Jai dance with Aradhna and separates them. Despite Kriti’s efforts, Jai continues dancing with Aradhna, causing her to feel jealous. Upon receiving a photo of himself protesting from the blackmailer, Viren is curious to know the identity of this person.

Observing Viren’s tense demeanor, Malini approaches him and inquires about the situation. She encourages him to share his concerns, but Viren politely requests for some privacy and exits. Meanwhile, Kriti notices Aradhna conversing with Jai and steps in to whisk Aradhna away, stating that she needs to speak with her. Reyansh playfully suggests that Jai distance himself from Aradhna to avoid any potential gossip. Jai then invites Reyansh for drinks. Meanwhile, Kriti asks Aradhna for her opinion on her appearance, to which she responds positively as always. Kriti then falsely informs Aradhna that she and Jai are getting married. Aradhna congratulates Kriti and expresses her sisterly love for her.

Wondering why Aradhna is still close with Jai if she truly cares for Kriti’s happiness, Kili advises her not to mention the incident to their parents due to the situation with Kimaya. She also joins Aradhna in celebrating the news with a drink. A video depicting Viren’s life journey is played, surprising everyone with pictures of him participating in protests. He becomes nervous and quickly turns it off before excusing himself and leaving. Malini asks Komal to check on Viren, as he receives a threatening letter from a blackmailer, causing him to become anxious. Remembering Reyansh’s words, Malini messages Vivek asking him to come home and confirm the alliance between Reyansh and her daughter.

Upon reading the message, Vivek is filled with joy and calls Kadambari to share the news that the girl’s family has asked them to fix Reyansh’s wedding. However, Kadambari shocks Vivek by revealing that she wants a divorce from him. The next day at Malini’s birthday party, Aradhna approaches her and presents her with a gift. Angered, Malini walks away without acknowledging her. Kimaya tries to persuade Malini to forgive Aradhna for risking Kimaya’s life but Malini remains unforgiving towards Aradhna. Jai and Reyansh show up at the party, where Aradhna is already in the company of Kimaya. A friendly greeting from Kimaya catches their attention.

As Jai receives a warm hug from Aradhna, Kriti enlists their help with cutting the cake. They happily oblige. Malini notices Viren looking tense and inquires about his troubles. Viren wonders if he is a bad person, while Malini questions why he appears scared today. Unable to address the matter, Viren simply leaves. Meanwhile, Jai and Reyansh converse about their significant lover oblivious to the fact that they are both referring to the same person. Jai believes a girl who uses her head will choose him, while Reyansh argues that it takes someone who follows her heart to pick him.


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