Kundali Bhagya 20th October 2023 Written Update Tense Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 20th October 2023 Written Update Tense Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 20th October 2023 Written Update Tense Preeta. Sandy meets Rajveer and asks him if he loves Palki. Rajveer asks him to stay away from his matter. Sandy says that he is away, but Shaurya is getting attached to someone. Rajveer says that he will answer him, but he also wants to ask something. He admits that he loves Palki. He asks Sandy if there is anything between Shaurya and Shanaya. Sandy says that Shaurya is confused, about whether he loves someone or not, it’s all messy. Sandy tries to explain to him. Rajveer doesn’t understand anything. He says that Sandy is poor in explaining his point. He thanks Sandy and goes. Sandy understands everything.

Preeta tells Gurpreet that Rajveer answered the call and might have heard everything she said. She wants to know if he is coming. Pratham asks her to leave a message for Rajveer. Preeta messages Rajveer. Rajveer attends a call on Nidhi’s phone. He fails to understand the goon’s message. Nidhi takes her phone back from Rajveer and leaves him with a warning. Shrishti shouts at the goons. Preeta and everyone reach some godown and look for Shrishti. The goon hurts Shrishti. She screams in pain. She asks them to leave her. Goon hits on her head. Preeta hears the scream and runs to see. The goons manage to hide Shrishti from Preeta. Preeta says that she wants to check the place because she heard a girl’s scream. The goons lie to her.


Pratham doesn’t get convinced. He points the gun at the goons, while Preeta enters the place and looks for Shrishti. They don’t find Shrishti. They apologize and leave. Preeta tells that she has to find her sister. The goon gets angry at Shrishti. He says that he will call Nidhi and ask what to do next. Bani is with Palki. Palki takes care of her. Bani says that she likes Palki a lot, but Shaurya has chosen Shanaya. Palki says that she will always take care of Bani. Kavya says that Rajveer is her brother, and she will not let him go away from her family, Palki will marry Rajveer and come to their house.

Palki denies her feelings. Bani says that they have seen everything on the TV screen. Palki gets shy and goes away by making an excuse. Nidhi sees Shanaya and gets displeased. Nidhi and Shanaya get into an argument. Shanaya asks her problem. Nidhi can’t tolerate Shanaya and calls her a problem. Shanaya says that she doesn’t care about Nidhi and she will become a permanent resident of the Luthra family very soon. She wants to enter the house and become Luthras’ bahu.

The goons try to keep Shrishti under control. Shaurya meets Shanaya and tells her that she brings a positive vibe to him. He asks her to meet Rakhi and clear the things from her side. He says that Rakhi likes Shanaya a lot, and she will understand if Shanaya tells the truth. Kareena overhears them and gets mistaken that they are in love. Shanaya sees Kareena at the door and agrees to Shaurya’s word. She asks him for a hug. Shaurya hugs her. Kareena smiles seeing them. Shaurya tells Shanaya they will avoid hugs next time because he isn’t comfortable with it. Shanaya says that she doesn’t like to refuse the alliance because she loves Shaurya a lot. She wants Shaurya to be with her forever.

He knows it would be difficult for her. He asks her to talk to Rakhi and call him to update him. He goes. She says that she has fooled both Kareena and Shaurya. She wants to refuse the alliance in a way that Rakhi compels Shaurya to marry. She says that she will prove Shaurya is commitment-phobic. She knows the family will convince Shaurya to marry. Kareena goes to Rakhi and tells her that Rakhi’s intuition is right. She praises Rakhi. Rakhi asks what’s the matter. Kareena tells that she has seen Shaurya and Shanaya together and overheard their conversation. She adds that Shaurya was asking Shanaya to talk to Rakhi about their marriage. Rakhi says that she knew there was something between Shaurya and Shanaya.

She feels Shaurya is like Karan. Kareena also feels Shaurya is confused. Rakhi says that they got to know the truth. She makes a plan to get Shaurya married soon. Kareena says that Shaurya has grown up now. They get emotional and miss Preeta and Rudra. Rakhi tells that Rudra would have got married like Shaurya is getting married. She doesn’t know where is her Rudra. Kareena asks her not to get sentimental. She wants to be positive. She says that Preeta is alive and Rudra is also alive, maybe Rudra is going to get married. Rakhi hugs her.


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