YRKKH 20th October 2023 Written Update Manjiri accused

YRKKH 20th October 2023 Written Update Manjiri accused

YRKKH 20th October 2023 Written Update Manjiri accused. Akshara wants Abhimanyu to check on Manjiri, while Surekha suggests that she may be resting. Shefali reminds Arohi to have a plan in case Ruhi asks about her leaving the house. Arohi reassures that Abhimanyu will handle it. However, Manjiri tries to intervene and prevent them from leaving, but Arohi is determined to go to Goenka House. Once there, Arohi asks Manish if she can stay with them permanently, and he agrees. Later on, Akshara and Arohi share a bed, but Akshara playfully pushes Arohi aside as she waits for her wedding day so she can claim the bed for herself.

Meanwhile, Abhimanyu puts Ruhi to sleep and promises never to leave her side. However, Manjiri insists that Akshara return Abhimanyu as she asks for permission to marry him instead. Amid their argument, Manjiri accidentally pushes Akshara causing her to faint. Manjiri gets accused of deliberately pushing Akshara to kill her coming baby. How will Manjiri prove herself innocent? Keep reading for a full written update on YRKKH 20th October 2023.



Seerat inquires with Ilahi about her state of happiness, to which she falsely assures that she did everything for Seerat’s well-being. Now divorced, Seerat turns to Jahan and asks if he would marry her. Ilahi agrees to marry her, acknowledging that it is ultimately her decision. In the midst of this, Seerat has an altercation with Jordan and Jahan stands by her side. However, she has not given him any indication of reciprocating his feelings yet. She emphasizes that she is not someone who can be tossed between two men like a tennis ball. Furthermore, she reveals that she plans to leave Chandigarh permanently. Later on, Ilahi notices Jahan waiting for Seerat outside her house but she hides from him. Seerat eventually saves Ilahi and confesses that though she hates her, she does not wish to see her dead. In the meantime, Ilahi finalizes his divorce from Jordan.

YRKKH 20th October 2023 Written Update Manjiri accused:

Akshara reprimands Abhir for slouching while she combs his hair, mentioning how well-behaved Ruhi is. However, he defends himself by emphasizing the importance of his hairstyle and declares that he will do it himself. Meanwhile, Ruhi inquires from Aarohi about her stay at the Birla’s house and her sudden appearance at the Goenka’s house. Abhimanyu interrupts to remind them that they are here for a religious ceremony, while Surekha distracts Ruhi by urging them to get ready for it. Abhimanyu takes this opportunity to ask Akshara when they plan on telling Ruhi the truth, to which she responds that they should respect Aarohi’s decision. Just as Akshara is about to leave, she receives a call from Kasauli’s bank informing her that they will be taking possession of Abhinav’s house and cars due to unpaid loans.

Akshara is currently on the phone trying to convince the bank not to seize their home and cars. Although they have been making most of the payments, the bank informs her that there are still pending installments and they will have to take action. Just then, Manjiri appears and Akshara stands up as Manjiri gazes at her curiously. Meanwhile, Aarohi is crafting a Swastik for worship when Ruhi accidentally bumps into her, causing the design to get damaged. Surekha expresses concern about its bad omen, but Manish assures her that it was an accident with no significant meaning. In the midst of this, Manjiri offers Akshara money while Akshara questions what she wants in return for her generosity.

Upon learning that Manjiri desires Abhimanyu in return, Akshara reminds her that she never prevented him from going to her and advises against devaluing her son by treating him as a commodity. Disgusted, Akshara exits the room while Manjiri follows, offering anything to have Abhimanyu back. Akshara humbly asks her to consider accepting their wedding instead of bargaining for her son’s return to unite their families. As they make their way to the hall, Akshara slips and falls unconscious. Abhimanyu rushes to her side while Manjiri tries to get closer, only to be firmly told by Abhimanyu to stay away. Aarohi suggests taking Akshara to the hospital and Abhimanyu quickly carries her out.

Manish intervenes, preventing Manjiri from pursuing Akshara and warning her to stay away from his daughters whom she has harmed in some way. He also declares that he will sever all ties with her from this point on. At the hospital, Mahima expresses surprise and concern to Abhimanyu about the situation. Shortly after, a peon interrupts to call Mahima for a conference but she reassures him that she will handle it. The doctor later informs Abhimanyu that the heartbeat of Akshara’s baby is weak and they are doing everything they can. This angers Abhimanyu and he storms over to the Birla residence where he finds Manjiri discussing plans for a charity lunch for Akshara and the baby. He confronts her, berating her for her despicable actions and stating that he cannot forgive himself if anything were to happen to them.

He informs her that placing a price tag on him has made him feel inferior, and questions how she could stoop to such levels. Manjiri apologizes for overstepping and confesses that she only did it out of love for Abhimanyu. However, he admits that he’s not entirely convinced anymore. She reassures him by stating that she never pushed Akshara, and suggests going to her to confirm. Abhimanyu refuses, saying they will never meet again. Shefali intervenes, asking him to go easy on Manjiri, as this is what she wanted all along – no longer having to deal with Akshara and her baby nearby. He expresses his gratitude towards Abhinav for accepting the child as his own but fears what will happen if anything were to happen to Akshara or her baby. Meanwhile, Mahima and Parth are busy pitching their idea in the conference room to potential investors. Later, Abhimanyu heads to the Shiv temple and prays for the safety of Akshara and her baby by standing on one leg.


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