Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2023 Written Update Ranbir stabbed

Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2023 Written Update Ranbir stabbed

Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2023 Written Update Ranbir stabbed. Ranbir’s employee visits him at home, prompting Ranbir to inquire about the reason for his unexpected arrival. The employee explains that their deal with Juneja is in jeopardy and requires Ranbir’s presence to succeed. Despite being advised by others to rest due to his illness, the employee persistently persuades Ranbir to make an appearance. In response, Akshay offers to go to Ranbir’s place and handle the deal, but the employee insists that only Ranbir can seal the deal. Eventually, Ranbir agrees to accompany the employee, despite Prachi expressing concern and urging him not to leave due to his health.

Comforting her with the assurance of a quick return, Ranbir prepares himself and departs with the employee, who has been sent by Akshay as a means of enticing Ranbir out of his home. As Ranbir exits the house and enters his car, the goons remain outside in their vehicle, concealing their identities. He receives news from an employee about his mother’s poor health and immediately sends money for her treatment. The employee expresses remorse for lying and urges Ranbir to go home to his family. Despite this, Ranbir insists on attending the meeting before leaving the house.


The goons tail him in their car and speak with Akshay over the phone. Akshay asks them to stream a live video of Ranbir, hoping to capture his distressing expression. While driving, Ranbir notices a man collapsing on the road and pulls over with a water bottle to help him. However, it turns out to be a trap set by the goons to separate Ranbir from his car.

As the fight begins, Ranbir takes on all three goons by himself, causing Akshay to feel anxious as he witnesses the intense scene. However, the tables quickly turn and the goons gain the upper hand. Suddenly, Prachi senses something is amiss when she sees Ranbir get stabbed with a knife. In a panic, she calls out his name and rushes towards the exit of the house. Akshay intercepts her and guides her back to her room after she faints from her fever.

Meanwhile, Ranbir is left alone and injured in the middle of the road. Just then, Mihika arrives and is horrified to find him wounded. She immediately rushes him to the hospital for medical attention. While this is unfolding, Akshay confides in Abhay about his desire for a deep connection like Prachi and Ranbir’s. Little does he know that this will soon become reality as Ranbir’s death will leave him as the only person in Prachi’s life.

While Abhay and Akshay head out to grab a bite, Raghu persistently calls to remind Akshay about a payment. Meanwhile, Prachi confides in Manpreet and Vishakha that something seems amiss as Ranbir has been injured, but they urge her to rest. Thankfully, the doctor gives Ranbir the all-clear and Mihika lends a hand in helping him leave the room. Later, Ashok informs Akshay of Raghu’s repeated calls and he decides to answer, only to be taken aback by the news that some goons are outside his home. Without hesitation, Akshay grabs a knife and steps outside with the intention of teaching them a lesson. However, Ashok spots him in this state and is left dumbfounded.


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