Anupama 22nd October 2023 Written Update Maan moment

Anupama 22nd October 2023 Written Update Maan moment

Anupama 22nd October 2023 Written Update Maan moment. Anupama cautions Pakhi against succumbing to fear and allowing it to control their lives. Pakhi then suggests that Anupama only needs an opportunity in order to excel, but Anupama’s godmother complex takes over, which Devika warns her against. As a result, Pakhi exits the room. Romil offers to assist in any way he can, bringing a smile to both Anupama and Devika’s faces. Meanwhile, Anuj is anxious about the state of affairs in the house and whether his relationship with Anupama is improving. Anupama notices that Anuj hasn’t been taking care of himself properly and is concerned for his well-being, but her own emotions prevent her from reaching out to him.

Anuj is working with the police, urging them to obtain Sonu’s confession as soon as they can. Devika notices Anuj and checks in on him, but he brushes off her concern and asks what she wants to talk about. Despite his attempts to hide it, Devika senses tension between Anuj and Anupama and probes for information. However, Anuj dodges her questions deliberately. Nonetheless, Devika concludes that something has occurred between Anuj and Anupama and sets out to uncover the cause of their sudden silence. Soon after, Anuj receives a call notifying him that the court date has been set for the day after tomorrow.


Realizing they only have one day left to gather evidence, Devika panics along with Anuj and Anupama. The next day, while enjoying tea at a shop, Anuj reassures Anupama of his support in her case and expresses his commitment to standing by her side. Moved by his words, an emotional Anupama reaches for his hand while he rests his head on her shoulder. Suddenly, Suresh Rathore appears and accuses them of being too busy romancing instead of looking for their missing son who has been gone for several days now. Keep reading for a full written update on Anupama 22nd October 2023.

Anupama 22nd October 2023 Written Update Maan moment:

As Shahs sit in worry, Kinjal and Paritosh enter the house. Leela greets them with sarcasm, addressing them as prince and princess who supposedly require a grand welcome. Paritosh and Kinjal appear confused by the tense atmosphere and inquire about what is going on. Dimple explains that Suresh Rathore’s men had come and made threats to harm everyone. This news shocks Paritosh and Kinjal, prompting Paritosh to suggest Vanraj withdraw his case if he wants their safety guaranteed. Despite this, Vanraj remains unfazed by the threats, causing Paritosh to criticize his “hero skills” which may lead to their demise. Meanwhile, Anupama and Pakhi have a confrontation where Anupama advises Pakhi to focus on her own affairs instead of being practical and interfering with others’ matters.

Pakhi expresses concern over the consequences of Anupama’s bravery, but Anupama suggests they post a legal notice distancing themselves from Samar and his case. She also mentions becoming more practical when helping Pakhi in the future. Pakhi then asks if Anupama will assist her, to which she responds with a resounding no. Anupama points out that despite wanting to be a mother, she doesn’t fully understand what it means to prioritize others. Meanwhile, Paritosh reminds Vanraj of their other son who is being sacrificed in the midst of his battle for Samar. This leads Kinjal and him to decide to relocate to the UK. The unexpected announcement shocks everyone as Kavya checks some files and Kinjal explains that they had no other option for Pari’s well-being.

Vanraj grins and gives Paritosh the freedom to do as he pleases, all the while being consumed by his own desires. When Paritosh attempts to speak, Vanraj abruptly silences him with a loud outburst. Later, Anuj breaks the news to Anupama and Devika that their court date is set for the day after tomorrow, leaving them in a state of worry as they still need to gather evidence. Kavya informs Vanraj about the court date and he assures her that he won’t give up, fixated on a photo of Samar. The following day, Anupama and Devika visit a cafe owned by Sonu’s friend, Vinay. There, Devika puts her plan into action and poses as a journalist to flirt with Vinay, who seems intrigued.

Malti Devi informs Anuj that Anupama should seek his approval before taking any action. Anuj retorts that Anupama is his wife, not a subordinate who requires his permission for everything. Soon after, Vinay finds and returns the misplaced AirPods to them. As they are leaving the cafe, Anupama and Devika cross paths with Anuj who has come to check on them. Luckily, they manage to escape just in time. Devika then suggests meeting Vinay later and continuing with their plan. She mentions having already contacted Anuj and leads them to a tea stall where she leaves them alone to talk privately under the pretext of taking an office call.


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