YRKKH 21st October 2023 Written Update Big Bolt hits Abhi

YRKKH 21st October 2023 Written Update Big Bolt hits Abhi

YRKKH 21st October 2023 Written Update Big Bolt hits Abhi. As Abhimanyu stands on one leg, fervently praying for Akshara, the doctor works tirelessly to save both her and the baby. Muskaan also sends prayers skyward, hoping for the safety of the precious child. The fear of losing her child consumes Akshara as she wakes up from unconsciousness, only to hear that the baby’s heartbeat is weak. Memories of a previous pregnancy flood her mind, causing immense distress. Abhimanyu pleads with God, offering his own life in exchange for the child’s protection. Eventually, the news comes that Akshara is out of danger, bringing immense relief to the Goenka family. Manish joyfully shares with Akshara that her prayers have been answered while Aarohi confidently declares that her baby will be stronger than its mother.

Akshara reaches out for Abhimanyu and calls him to summon for a meet. Pandit answers the phone and shows Abhimanyu in prayer, balancing on one leg. The Goenka family is taken aback to see him there. As Akshara continues to call for him, she reassures him that the baby is doing well. Manish and Aarohi arrive at the house with Akshara, only to find it nearly empty. Surekha informs them that Swarna and Suhasini have gone to the temple with Kairav. Suddenly, Abhimanyu appears, running towards Akshara and embracing her tightly. After some time, Akshara reveals that Manjari was not responsible for her fall. However, both Manish and Abhimanyu urge her not to cover up for Manjari and encourage her to go rest.


Abhir and Ruhi patiently wait for Abhimanyu’s arrival, but Manjari suddenly appears. She explains that she has not come to pick them up, but rather, she wishes to meet with them. Much to their surprise, Abhimanyu arrives soon after and sees Manjari with the kids. He instructs the children to get into the car and prepares to leave. However, before he can do so, Manjari approaches him and expresses remorse for her previous actions towards Akshara. She admits her mistake and even goes as far as offering to accept both Akshara and her child into their lives. This fills Abhimanyu with happiness, but unfortunately, he realizes that it is all just wishful thinking on his part as Manjari will never truly accept Akshara or her baby.

Akshara puts the children to bed and ponders why Abhimanyu has not returned. Just then, Aarohi appears and informs her that Mahima has once again succumbed to Parth’s manipulation and agreed to use charitable funds for a VIP hospital. Concerned about Abhimanyu’s state of mind due to Mahima’s decision, Akshara prepares a tiffin for him and reminds him of their commitment to share one meal a day. The following day, Akshara visits the hospital for her checkup and decides to meet Abhimanyu before anyone else.

Abhimanyu meets with Mahima and Parth, where Mahima presents him with an ultimatum: either agree to the VIP hospital or resign. Despite Abhimanyu’s previous attempts to explain that the charity funds are used for providing top-notch care for underprivileged patients, Mahima reiterates that this is the reason for their lack of profits. She suggests investing the profits from the VIP hospital into charity in the future. Feeling conflicted, Abhimanyu decides to withdraw from their project and leave the hospital. However, he chooses not to disclose this information to Akshara to spare her additional stress.


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