Bhagya Lakshmi Upcoming Ayush terrified for Rishmi’s loss

Bhagya Lakshmi Upcoming Ayush terrified for Rishmi's loss

Bhagya Lakshmi Upcoming Ayush terrified for Rishmi’s loss. During their car crash, Lakshmi pleads with Malishka to pull them out of danger. However, Malishka, consumed by anger, believes that if she can’t survive, then Lakshmi doesn’t deserve to either. She resorts to violence, hitting and cursing Lakshmi as a “curse” to Rishi and others. As the situation escalates, Malishka lands a final blow to Lakshmi’s head with a rock. In the chaos, Lakshmi falls from Malishka’s grasp and begins to plummet towards the valley below. Thankfully, Rishi can catch her before it’s too late.

But as he struggles to hold on, Lakshmi insists that he save himself instead. Yet Rishi knows that without Lakshmi, there is no Rishi left either. This realization causes him to let go of the tree branch and join Lakshmi in their dangerous descent. As Rishi and Lakshmi plummet towards the valley, he implores her to confess her love for him but she slips into unconsciousness. Despite this, Rishi declares his love for her as they hurtle through the air. Suddenly, Rishi is struck in the back of his head, causing both of them to tumble into the river. Malishka cries out to God for sending them on this fateful journey and then shamefully admits to Goddess that she ended Rishi’s life with her own hands.


Ayush enlists the assistance of the police in his search for Lakshmi and Rishi. Upon receiving a call from the authorities, he is informed that a car has plunged into the river, along with a truck. Later, Ayush is shown a handkerchief retrieved from the cliff by the police. Upon seeing this, Kiran asks Malishka if she was responsible for any deaths. Both Sonal and Kiran then question Malishka, who admits to being involved. What will unfold in the aftermath? Will Rishi and Lakshmi make it through this harrowing experience? Keep reading.


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