Kundali Bhagya 23rd October 2023 Written Update Nidhi turns alert

Kundali Bhagya 23rd October 2023 Written Update Nidhi turns alert

Kundali Bhagya 23rd October 2023 Written Update Nidhi turns alert. While Dadi carefully chooses a saree for Kavya to wear at her wedding, Rakhi reminds her to tell Varun that his mother will need to dance a lot. Kareena notices how Kavya’s face lights up whenever she talks about her future in-laws. Just then, Shanaya enters the room and Kareena asks if she wants to marry Shaurya. Unfortunately, Shanaya confesses that he doesn’t love her back. As Kareena recalls their previous conversation, she compliments Shanaya on being clever. However, Shanaya can’t help but think she may be trying too hard to impress. As Palki collides with Shaurya, he catches her and she tightly grips his jacket.

Expressing concern, Shaurya warns her that she may rip his jacket with her tight hold. Palki apologizes for this and Shaurya assumes that she lost her footing because she was looking at him. He then playfully threatens to not save her if it happens again and walks away laughing. Angrily, Palki scolds him before leaving the scene. Sandy witnesses their interaction and teases Shaurya about having feelings for Palki even though she just scolded him. However, Shaurya denies this and confidently claims that he can prove Sandy wrong. Despite Sandy’s caution, Srishti wakes up from unconsciousness in the background. As Srishti regains consciousness, tears flow down her cheeks.


Despite her efforts, she is unable to free herself from the ropes binding her hands. She silently pleads with God, questioning why she has been put in such a situation. Confusion swirls in her mind as she wonders about the identity of her captors and their motives. Amid all this chaos, she holds onto the hope that Preeta will find the missing piece of her dupatta. Suddenly, a glimmer of hope appears as Srishti notices a sharp piece of broken glass nearby. With determination, she uses it to finally break free from her restraints.

Meanwhile, the kidnappers take a break to eat before returning to their captive victims. After jumping out of the window and quickly leaving the warehouse, Srishti realizes she needs to flee before being spotted by kidnappers. Much to her surprise, she comes face to face with Rocky. In a state of panic, she dashes away and finds a hiding spot. Meanwhile, Rocky commands his crew to track down Srishti. Realizing she must leave immediately, Srishti takes off on foot as Rocky and his men give chase. Finally reaching a car, Srishti jumps in but her escape is cut short as Rocky shoots out one of the tires and takes aim at her with his gun before bringing her back into the warehouse.

Shaurya questions Palki about her scolding, to which she responds by pointing out his egotistical and disrespectful behavior. He dismisses her words as nonsense and insults her intelligence. Palki confidently declares her prowess in boxing and warns him that she will teach him a lesson. Amused by this, Shaurya invites her to meet him after an hour but she declines and departs. Sandy witnesses the interaction and Shaurya informs them that Palki is skilled in boxing before leaving the scene. Srishti demands an explanation from the kidnappers as to why they abducted her.

She warns them that her sister will involve the police and they will face a lengthy prison sentence. The kidnapper then proceeds to issue a death threat. Rajveer remembers how Rocky had inquired about a parcel. Nidhi phones Rocky and questions him on his conversation with Rajveer. Rocky clarifies that he simply asked about the parcel’s whereabouts. He advises Nidhi to keep her phone close by and she berates him before ending the call. Later, she confides in Aarohi about everything that transpired.


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