Udaariyaan 22nd October 2023 Upcoming Alia Kabir wicked plan

Udaariyaan 22nd October 2023 Upcoming Alia Kabir wicked plan

Udaariyaan 22nd October 2023 Upcoming Alia Kabir wicked plan. Aasma is dressed in a new outfit, which she believes was a gift from Armaan. She turns to him and asks for his opinion, to which he replies that she looks gorgeous. Aasma then requests his help in tying her blouse laces, and he obliges. Alia enters the room to find them in close proximity, causing feelings of jealousy and annoyance. As Armaan exits, she discreetly creates small tears in her blouse, much to Aasma’s embarrassment. Armaan wonders who gifted Aasma the dress, as it was not him. Kabir gets along well with Aasma and flirts with Alia, prompting her to reciprocate in an attempt to make Armaan jealous.

Ekam asks Aasma if she would like to be friends with Kabir to see if he is a suitable life partner for her. Meanwhile, Aasma prays for Armaan’s well-being to Matarani. The scene shifts to Alia and Armaan fighting on the road while a car speeds towards them unnoticed. Will they meet with an accident Ahead in the show, it will be shown that Kabir is madly obsessed with Aasma. He is the one who sent the dress and gifts to Aasma. She isn’t aware of his feelings. She assumes that Armaan planned the surprises for her. She is happy believing Armaan is gradually falling for her.


She waits to confess her love to Armaan. Alia is trying hard to make Armaan jealous by using her newly formed friendship with Kabir. Kabir learns about Alia and Armaan’s affair. Alia confesses to Kabir that she is Armaan’s childhood love. Kabir and Alia join hands to break Armaan and Aasma’s marriage. Their wicked plans will instead firm Armaan’s belief in Aasma and her true love. What will Alia and Kabir plan next? Keep reading for more spoilers and news.


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