Barsatein Reyansh Aradhna Huge Clash Malini’s stand

Barsatein Reyansh Aradhna Huge Clash Malini's stand

Barsatein Reyansh Aradhna Huge Clash Malini’s stand. Kriti’s attempts to humiliate Aradhna by causing her to fall in front of everyone backfired when Kimaya ended up getting hurt in the process. Sadly, Kimaya also loses her unborn child due to this accident. Despite blaming herself for the tragedy, Malini is there to provide comfort and reassurance, reminding Kimaya that Reyansh is a good person who will stand by her side. This leaves Aradhna in a state of dilemma as she struggles to decide between her love for Reyansh and her loyalty towards her sister. Meanwhile, Reyansh becomes aware of Aradhna’s situation and makes an effort to discuss it with Kimaya and clear any misunderstandings. However, Aradhna intervenes and chooses Kimaya over Reyansh, breaking his heart as she asks him to get engaged to Kimaya instead.

As Reyansh tenderly places the ring on Kimaya’s finger, Aradhna can only watch tearfully as he gives her a stern look. The turn of events leaves Vivek and Kadambari confused and shocked by Reyansh’s actions, wondering why he would intentionally cause pain for himself and Aradhna. Aradhna and Reyansh aren’t set to reunite, both fully soaked from the rain. As they prepare to bid farewell, Reyansh remarks on their meet-up happening on a rainy day and mentions that it looks like they’ll be parting ways in similar weather. He then walks away, leaving Aradhna in tears.


Reyansh is helpless because of Aradhna. He gets engaged to Kimaya and makes a promise that he will always stand by her. He decides to make Aradhna jealous. He praises Kimaya’s beauty and expresses his love for her. He tells her that he is a very lucky man. He asks her to wear earrings and complete her movie date look. Kimaya gets decked up for the date. She says that she wants to win Reyansh’s heart. Aradhna gets jealous watching them. He tells Aradhna that he won’t tell Malini, how Aradhna has sacrificed her love for Kimaya’s sake. He asks Aradhna to know her loss and cry.

Kimaya doesn’t know about Reyansh and Aradhna’s love story. Aradhna protects Kimaya from sorrow and pain, after Kimaya’s miscarriage. Kimaya will learn about them and get away from their path. Malini questions Aradhna’s intentions. She says that Reyansh wants to make a new start with Kimaya because he likes her. She doesn’t want Aradhna to create trouble for Kimaya. Aradhna says that she doesn’t want to have any relationship with Reyansh. Malini understands her.


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