YRKKH 23rd October 2023 Written Update Manjiri’s extreme

YRKKH 23rd October 2023 Written Update Manjiri's extreme

YRKKH 23rd October 2023 Written Update Manjiri’s extreme. As Abhimanyu passes by, Akshara remains hidden behind the paper. After a moment, he pauses and turns back, wondering if it was Akshara behind the paper. But by then, she had already disappeared. Manish is later surprised to learn that Abhimanyu has been let go from his job at the hospital. Akshara explains to the family that he decided to resign to spend time with their new baby, Abhir. She confides in them that Abhimanyu is struggling because of her and asks for their assistance in finding him a new job that aligns with his dreams. Kairav assures her not to worry as he knows the dean at City Hospital and will easily secure the position for Abhimanyu.

However, Manish interjects, stating that City Hospital may not be the right fit for him. Later on, Akshara meets with a potential employer for Abhimanyu and ultimately decides not to pursue the opportunity for him at this time. Abhimanyu comes home to find Abhir complaining that Akshara hasn’t eaten the soup. In a stern tone, he instructs her to finish the soup while he freshens up. Despite her efforts to hide it, Akshara’s lie is exposed when Abhimanyu catches her in the act. He scolds her for fasting and neglecting her health, but she explains that both he and their children are equally important to her. She requests him to allow her to complete the fast as there are only a few hours left.


Meanwhile, Manjiri signs the cheque with trembling hands, determined to do everything in her power to prevent Abhimanyu from marrying Akshara. She is in tears when Shefali enters and becomes concerned upon seeing her crying. As Shefali observes the 15 crore rupee check made out to Abhimanyu, she turns to Manjiri for an explanation. However, Manjiri fibs and claims it’s an old check with an error in the zeroes, about to be torn up. She then distracts Shefali by asking her to call Mahima, who is being awaited by Anand. Meanwhile, Kairav is experiencing hunger pangs from his fast and gets teased by the women as he drools over their delicious food.

Aarohi and Mahima suddenly appear, with Mahima admitting her mistake in trusting Parth and pleading for Abhimanyu’s return. Overjoyed, Abhimanyu embraces Mahima and confirms his decision, while Mahima recalls how last-minute changes led the investors to take their deal elsewhere. Once Mahima leaves, everyone cheers for Abhimanyu without letting on that they are aware of his resignation.

Kairav once again expresses frustration about the moon taking its time to appear. Swarna suggests he distract himself by dancing for Muskaan, as Manish used to do for her. Kairav explains that he lacks energy due to not having eaten, making it impossible for him to dance. Despite this, the women shame the men and Manish insists that Kairav must dance out of pride. Eventually, Abhimanyu pulls Akshara aside and questions if she is behind the success. She clarifies that Birla Hospital is his turf and she does not want him to sacrifice it for her sake. However, she also reminds him of their promise to each other while complaining about him not informing her about his resignation. Meanwhile, Manjiri hands Parth a cheque and pleads with him to bring Abhimanyu back home. When asked what’s in it for him, Manjiri offers to do whatever he wants if he succeeds in his task.

Manjiri tearfully apologizes to Abhimanyu for her recent actions, explaining that she is his mother and cannot bear to see him wasting his life on Akshara. She reassures him that she will not let anything happen to him and urges him not to worry. Meanwhile, the Moon finally makes its appearance, prompting Akshara to remind Abhimanyu that they should rejoin their companions who are likely waiting for them. As they continue with their preparations for the next day, Akshara and Abhimanyu bump into each other. Nervously, Abhimanyu confides in Akshara about his fears of something going wrong.

In response, Akshara reminds him of the importance of their marriage as a means to reconcile with Abhir. Together, they decide to speak to a broker and search for a new home. With excitement in their hearts, they eagerly anticipate how their marriage will bring about positive changes in their lives. Manjiri goes to the extreme and gets Abhimanyu arrested for a scam in order to stop his marriage with Akshara.


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