Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si Upcoming Kunal Vandana to raise Tara

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si Upcoming Kunal Vandana to raise Tara

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si Upcoming Kunal Vandana to raise Tara. After Sonia demands a divorce, she also wants to pass the responsibility of their daughter Tara onto Kunal. However, he has no interest in taking on this responsibility and ultimately decides to remove Tara from his life. He cannot stand her presence and asks Vandana to take her away. Confused and hurt by her father’s rejection, Tara turns to Vandana for answers. Lovingly, Vandana explains that someday Kunal will surprise her with acceptance.

Tara inquires with Vandana about the possibility of being loved by her father. While sorting through old photographs, Kunal is reminded of painful memories and cannot come to terms with the betrayal of his past lover. Overwhelmed with emotion, he breaks down in tears. Kunal’s rejection of Tara and Sonia as his daughter and partner leads him to feel no connection to Tara. He will request Vedika to remove her from their home, but Tara persists in trying to be near her father. Vandana steps in to take care of Tara as a foster parent. Tara wants acceptance from Kunal. Vandana isn’t sure if Kunal will accept Tara in his heart and family. She lies to Tara to console the child.


On returning home, Vandana learns that Vaibhav and his family are boycotting her totally. She wants to know why they are avoiding her and not asking her anything when they have all the right to question her on returning home late from work. She realizes that she lost significance in the house. Can Vandana gather the strength to confront her destiny? Will Kunal discover the whereabouts of his ex-girlfriend?


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