Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s big move

Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2023 Written Update Ranbir's big move

Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s big move. Divya urgently beckons for Ranbir to join her as Mihika has fainted. He follows Divya and finds Mihika lying on the ground. Despite checking her pulse and confirming it’s stable, Divya leaves to give them privacy. Soon after, Mihika confesses her love for Ranbir and even asks him to reciprocate. However, when he declines, she blames Prachi for his rejection. Despite Ranbir’s attempts to reason with her, she refuses to listen. Believing there’s no other option, Ranbir hands Mihika the engagement ring and admits that he can’t marry her. Ashok, Manpreet, and Visakha witness this exchange and Ranbir declares that he cannot go through with the marriage to Mihika. He then instructs Divya to gather everyone together.

Concerned about what happened, Divya approaches Mihika and inquires about it. Mihika tearfully reveals that Ranbir doesn’t love her and only has eyes for Prachi. In response, Divya informs her that Ranbir is calling everyone for an important announcement. Upon hearing this news, Mihika heads towards Prachi without hesitation. Mihika scolds Prachi and taunts her for stealing Ranbir. She comments to Prachi and begs her to take action. Feeling provoked, Prachi decides to respond in front of the family and leaves the room. Divya questions Mihika’s actions, to which Mihika replies that she purposely provoked Prachi so she would reveal the truth. She confidently tells Divya that she will make sure Ranbir apologizes and agrees to marry her.


Ranbir tells the family that there is nothing between Mihika and him, and he doesn’t want to marry her. Ashok tells that Ranbir won’t be forced to marry Mihika. He asks Ranbir to promise him that he will take care of Prachi well and never hurt her. He gives Prachi’s hand to Ranbir. He asks Ranbir to always keep Prachi happy. Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2023.

Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s big move:

As Akshay patiently awaits, Prachi announces that she has something important to share. Ranbir also expresses his desire to speak first, but Mihika interjects and urges Prachi to go ahead. In her statement, Prachi reveals that Mihika harbors resentment towards Ranbir. As the conversation continues, Mihika confronts Prachi about her disapproval of their marriage. Prachi then urges Mihika to be truthful instead of only sharing half of the story. Accusations fly between Mihika and Prachi as Ranbir attempts to intervene. He then addresses everyone, explaining his relationship with Prachi and putting a stop to the argument.

Ranbir shares with everyone his tale of meeting Prachi in college and the development of their love story. He reassures the Tandon family that their relationship is genuine, asking them to refrain from tainting it. Despite Mihika’s attempt to steer the conversation in her favor, Ranbir intervenes and redirects the focus. Ranbir urges Mihika to come clean to everyone, but she remains silent. He then explains to the Tandon family how he intervened when Mihika was on the brink of suicide.

Ranbir reveals that he only came to their house because Mihika had confided in him that her family couldn’t handle the situation. He divulges their plan and adds that his decision to go through with the engagement was prompted by Ashok’s poor health at the time. However, he quickly clarifies that there was never any romantic involvement between him and Mihika. Ashok understands the situation and calls off the marriage, while Mihika desperately pleads with him and Manpreet not to end it. But Ashok maintains that forcing a relationship would not lead to anyone’s happiness.

Ranbir receives a call from his mother and answers it. Pallavi expresses her desire to meet with Ranbir, who readily agrees. She then states her intention to head to the Tandon mansion immediately, which Ranbir also accepts. Meanwhile, Ashok fears for Prachi’s well-being if she chooses Ranbir over Akshay, as he believes Akshay will become like Mihika. Speaking of whom, Mihika confronts Akshay about proposing to Ranbir and is accused by him of being unlucky. In retaliation, Mihika threatens to harm Prachi while Akshay vows to kill Ranbir. Ashok intervenes and warns them both that any harm towards either Prachi or Ranbir will not be tolerated. He then leaves the room.

Ashok approaches Prachi and asks her if she remembers how they first met. Upon confirming that she does, Ashok expresses his deep feelings for her. Confused, Prachi questions why he is discussing this now. Ashok explains that it is the right time to address their relationship. Just as they are talking, Ranbir arrives and asks why he was summoned. Dismissing him, Ashok reminds him not to interrupt a father and daughter’s conversation.

Agreeing, Ranbir stops in his tracks, and Ashok motions for him to join them. Taking both of their hands in his own, Ashok brings them together and requests that Ranbir promise to always take care of Prachi and keep her happy. Pledging to do so, Ranbir promises to always make Prachi happy. Ashok accepts this promise as he is uncertain about what the future holds for them. Calming Prachi’s fears, Ranbir wipes away her tears and embraces her in a hug before bidding them farewell and leaving.


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