Bhagya Lakshmi New Promo Rishi’s life in danger

Bhagya Lakshmi New Promo Rishi's life in danger

Bhagya Lakshmi New Promo Rishi’s life in danger. Malishka attempts to kill Rishi. She apologizes to him that she is going to take his life. She also justifies her move, that he killed her love. Lakshmi comes to Rishi’s rescue in time. Malishka is determined to kill Rishi and Lakshmi and also wants to save herself from the police. Ayush tells Shalu that whoever tries to harm Rishi and Lakshmi will not get saved. He wants to punish the culprit. The doctor gives the bad news to the family that Rishi has slipped into a coma. Neelam enquires about Rishi’s condition. She is disheartened knowing her son is in danger. She asks Ayush to find the culprit so that she can punish the culprit and get justice for her son. Will Neelam know Malishka’s crime and punish her?



Titlie is doing her best to convince Garv to let go of his over-the-top theatrics, but so far, her efforts have been fruitless. Despite this, Garv has gone ahead and become engaged to Megha, even going as far as signing divorce papers. In a previous encounter, Megha had sarcastically thanked Titlie for helping her get a hold of the engagement ring. Titlie had fired back at Megha and reminded her that Garv belonged to her and always will.

Manikant approaches Maina to express his regret and presents her with some school documents. He mentions that Koyal is interested in starting a Dance school and as Maina has great skills in interior design, she could decorate the school and they could then work together. Manikant hopes for Titlie and Garv to resolve their differences soon. However, Titlie surprises Garv by handing him divorce papers. She explains that unless their relationship officially ends, Garv cannot marry Megha. Manikant asks Garv when he plans to end his charade and urges him to inform Titlie that he will not grant her a divorce. In the end, Garv signs the papers and hands them over to Titlie.


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