Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2023 Written Update Pranbir union

Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2023 Written Update Pranbir union

Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2023 Written Update Pranbir union. Ranbir confesses the truth to Mihika’s family. He immediately begs Ashok and Manpreet not to call off the marriage. However, Ashok firmly states that they cannot force a relationship and no one will be happy in an arranged marriage such as this. Meanwhile, Akshay blames Mihika for proposing to Ranbir and even goes as far as calling her an unlucky person. Mihika stands her ground and argues back, saying she would harm Prachi if it came down to it. In retaliation, Akshay declares he will harm Ranbir instead. Just then, Ashok intervenes and warns both of them that any attempt to harm Ranbir or Prachi will not go unpunished. With that, Ashok takes his leave. As Ranbir approaches him to ask why he called for him, tension fills the air.

Ashok brings Ranbir and Prachi’s hands together and requests a promise from Ranbir. He asks him to always take care of Prachi and keep her happiness at the forefront. Ranbir assures him that he will always prioritize Prachi’s happiness. Understanding the uncertainty of the future, Ashok considers this promise important. Prachi lovingly reassures him that nothing will happen to Ranbir. As a final gesture, Ashok blesses them both before departing.


Akshay warns Mihika that her actions towards Prachi could result in Ranbir and Prachi growing closer. Visakha advises Manpreet to be firm with Prachi, acknowledging that this time Mihika is at fault while Prachi is in the right. Manpreet reassures Prachi that she will always stand up for what is right, emphasizing that although she may not be her biological mother, she considers herself her mother in this lifetime. Overwhelmed with emotion, Prachi embraces Manpreet with tears in her eyes. What lies ahead for them? Will Ranbir and Prachi reconcile? Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2023.

Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2023 Written Update Pranbir union:

Akshay and Mihika were locked in a heated argument, each blaming the other for causing problems in their lives. Abhay, trying to calm them down, is met with dismissive remarks as Akshay and Mihika remind him of their seniority. Divya intervenes, reminding them that they should act their age. Despite Abhay and Divya’s attempts at reasoning, they realize it is futile as Akshay and Mihika refuse to listen. Eventually, Abhay and Divya decide to leave the scene. Before they go, Akshay reassures Mihika that he will handle everything and make sure she gets the love she deserves. He also promises to help himself by winning Prachi’s affection, but urges Mihika not to harm Prachi in the process.

Vishaka speaks to Manpreet, expressing concern over Mihika’s heartache. She questions why Manpreet remains silent. In response, Manpreet points out that Ranbir never promised to marry Mihika, despite her decision to propose to him knowing he didn’t love her. Vishaka then mentions that Mihika is in the wrong this time. However, Manpreet disagrees and asserts that Prachi is actually correct in this situation. This leads Manpreet to leave the conversation between them. Vishaka contemplates privately that perhaps Manpreet isn’t the best mother figure.

Prachi recounts Ashok’s words to Manpreet, who then asks her what happened. Prachi explains that she considers Manpreet as her mother and goes on to express her gratitude for both Ashok and Manpreet. She feels fortunate to have two mothers and fathers in her life. Manpreet acknowledges their bond, saying that she is like a daughter to her in this lifetime. Ashok also concurs, stating that Prachi is their daughter as well. Emotions overcome Prachi as she speaks to them, and she eventually leaves the conversation. Meanwhile, Divya approaches Mihika and inquires about the matter at hand.

Mihika confesses that she feels unloved by everyone. Divya consoles her and later informs her that Ashok has summoned them all to the terrace for a meal together. Ranbir will also be present. Enthusiastically, Divya encourages Mihika to get ready so she can look even better than Prachi. Mihika agrees and follows through with Divya’s suggestion. Vishaka approaches Akshay, who immediately conceals his glass. She reassures him that he can drink in her presence. Akshay expresses his pain, and Vishaka offers to do anything for him. He responds by saying that all he wants is Prachi. Vishaka then suggests that Akshay act kind towards Prachi, so much so that she will feel ashamed to wrong him.

Agreeing with her plan, Akshay is interrupted by Khushi’s arrival. She informs Ranbir that Pallavi and Dida have arrived with numerous gifts for her. Later, Khushi hides from them in order to surprise them. Once they greet Ranbir, Khushi reveals herself and converses with the couple before they leave with their gifts. Divya informs Ranbir that Manpreet has summoned him to the terrace. Ranbir invites Pallavi and Dida up to the terrace, accompanied by Ashok asking if everything is okay. Dida assures him that things are fine, but mentions they’ve been missing Ranbir.

As she touches his back, he winces in pain from the burns. Wondering what happened, she questions Ranbir who shares that he got injured while saving Prachi in the kitchen. Pallavi also inquires about the incident and Ranbir reassures them that he’s alright now. Later on, Mihika reveals that Ranbir was also stabbed and she saved him. This angers Prachi when she overhears this conversation, while Pallavi expresses her disappointment with Ashok and Manpreet for not informing her of these events. Meanwhile, Akshay storms off as Ashok tries to convince him to join them and be happy together. In an attempt to lift Prachi’s spirits, Ranbir playfully tries to cheer her up. However, Akshay watches this display with burning anger inside of him.


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