Radha Mohan Maldives Promo Damini plots to kill Radha

Radha Mohan Maldives Promo Damini plots to kill Radha

Radha Mohan Maldives Promo Damini plots to kill Radha. Damini hands Radha’s photo to a goon and instructs him to eliminate her. She then enquires about what to do when Mohan attempts to rescue his wife. Confident in handling Mohan herself, she orders the goon to leave the Maldives after completing the task. With a nod, he departs. Damini assures herself that Radha will not make it to the finale. Meanwhile, Mohan retrieves thread and needles so that Radha can make a dress from a saree. Damini makes a snide remark, but Mohan refuses to engage with her. She goes on to tell him that he does not deserve the title of father. Hurt, Mohan leaves without a word. In happier news, Radha informs Kadambari of their victory.

Proudly, Kadambari credits it to both Radha and Mohan’s hard work. As a result of this success, Radha expresses her desire to speak with Gungun. Ketki deceives her by claiming that Gungun is sleeping and ends the call abruptly. Kadambari suggests telling Radha and Mohan about Gungun’s supposed illness so they can return home together as soon as possible. Upon hearing this, Gungun swiftly removes her oxygen mask and urgently requests for Kadambari to be called. The nurse promptly escorts Kadambari inside the room. Gungun confides in Kadambari that Radha and Mohan must not come back because of her condition. Meanwhile, Ketki decides to inform Radha and Mohan about Gungun’s state. As she reaches for her phone, Kadambari snatches it from her grasp, firmly stating that they must not be informed.


Elsewhere, Radha admires the beauty of the place and wishes Gungun was there with her. Suddenly, she catches sight of a goon sneaking into her room with a knife. She quickly hides behind cover to avoid being spotted. Meanwhile, Damini questions Mohan’s lack of courage in speaking to her, but he maintains his stance of avoiding any interaction with her. Impatiently, she prods him for an explanation as to what makes Radha so special. Reluctantly listing out Radha’s admirable qualities, Mohan remains oblivious to Damini’s ulterior motives of distracting him while the goon searches for Radha. Radha gets caught by the goon who tries to sink her in the waters and kill her. Radha attempts to shout and alert Mohan about the threat. Will Mohan be able to rescue Radha? Keep reading.


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