Kundali Bhagya 26th October 2023 Written Update Stern Nidhi

Kundali Bhagya 26th October 2023 Written Update Stern Nidhi

Kundali Bhagya 26th October 2023 Written Update Stern Nidhi. As the police leave Gurpreet’s house with Rajveer, Preeta’s mind is filled with worry for Shrishti. Karan questions Mohit about the truth, expressing his aversion to deception and suspicion of someone’s presence. Mohit denies any knowledge of someone being there and Karan exits the room. Upon hearing this, Preeta is overcome with memories from her past and feels lightheaded. Sensing her discomfort, Mohit guides her inside a nearby room. In the meantime, Karan brings police to his home where Kavya rushes to embrace Rajveer in relief.

Nidhi panics as she assumes that they have discovered her involvement in the kidnapping and have come to arrest her. Kareena asks Karan about the unexpected police presence in their home and he informs her about Rajveer’s Maasi being kidnapped. Rakhi checks on Rajveer’s well-being and explains how they came to learn of his location at the police station. As Nidhi glances at her phone, she realizes that Rocky/Nikhil is calling her. Quickly answering the call, he inquires about when he should eliminate Preeta. After a moment of thought, she advises him to carry out the deed tomorrow, explaining that it’s her birthday.


Ending the conversation, she turns to face Karan and Rajveer as they discuss with the police inspector their plan to have Mohit gather information on the kidnapping. Rajveer recalls witnessing Nidhi being questioned about a package and flees from the scene. The police inspector then assures Karan that they will review CCTV footage for any clues. Rajveer informs Nidhi of his suspicion that she may have been involved in the kidnapping. Nidhi questions whether she appears to be capable of such a crime. He clarifies that he overheard mention of a parcel related to the incident. In response, she fabricates a story about ordering a saree and having it delivered to the wrong address, as the delivery person had mentioned a parcel.

Despite her explanation, Rajveer remains skeptical and warns her that he will be watching her closely. He cautions that if he gathers evidence against her, she will be arrested and imprisoned. As he leaves, Nidhi resolves to turn Preeta’s birthday into a day of mourning and ensure that no one suspects her involvement in Preeta’s death. Meanwhile, Mohit reveals to the police inspector the location where he last spotted the kidnapper’s car. The inspector instructs Karan that he can leave for home, but Karan refuses. The Luthras all have concerns regarding Rajveer and Preeta, unaware of the truth. Dadi inquires with Nidhi about her bag, questioning where she is headed.

Nidhi responds with a small fib, explaining that she is attending her friend’s niece’s birthday party and then exits the house. Dadi expresses relief that they can now celebrate Preeta’s birthday without any complications. Kareena and Rakhi both agree with Dadi’s sentiment. Meanwhile, Preeta is consumed with worry for Shrishti and breaks down in tears. Gurpreet offers comfort to Preeta during this difficult time.

The following day, Nidhi and Aarohi attend a child’s birthday celebration together. Nidhi takes photos at the party and Aarohi hands out money to everyone as per Nidhi’s request. Later on, Nidhi adds Rajveer to the family group chat and shares pictures from the birthday shenanigans there. She then calls Rocky and gives him an order to eliminate Preeta without hesitation. In the meantime, Shrishti pleads with Nikhil to release her, but he adamantly refuses and even threatens harm upon her.


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